[Suggestion–rework] Natives or minor factions

9 Fanar
The ‘Nine Fanar Allies’ card does not update to stats corresponding to age. Keeps the base stats from Age II. I don’t know if this happens with more new native cards.

9 Sufi
Change the ‘9 Infinite Sufi Allies’ card for another card. This unit is efficient against infantry, but the Ottomans already have very good anti-infantry. Leave this unit as a limited shipment and give us a unit that fights cavalry. They could be Berbers ‘9 infinite Berbers’.


The Sufi allies replaces the elmeto (lancer) to a ranged lancer that’s actually within the ottoman sphere of influence.

As for the phanar allies this is the same as all age 2 shipments that give native units, it’s nothing new.

I understand, but in practical terms it does not offer anything new in terms of complementing troops. The Berbers would also make sense and would be a better complement.

As I already mentioned, this card is not eliminated, it would only be a single-use card.

They should improve with advancing age automatically.

Smokeless Powder

Currently this tech doesn’t affect Grenadier type units if I’m not mistaken. I would like them to be affected by this technology as well.

It pretty much ignores artillery and siege units as a whole and focuses on gunpowder units (musk,skrim,goons). IIRC only leather cannons cannons and napoleon guns are artillery that benefit from it.

I’d say techs like these shouldn’t interact with grens at all or most euro civs would have something like giant grenadiers in their roster.

There would be no problem for that, since the maps with Jesuit settlements do not appear every time.

It should affect all units that use gunpowder, if this is not the case then there is a bug to be fixed.