[SUGGESTION] Saving Game: Auto-populate name of last file, and put cursor at end of filename

Saving a game should be simplified, imo. When playing, I usually save a few times, and version up each time. I really wish the File Name field would auto-populate with the name of the last save you did, and put the cursor automatically at the very end; with the filename unselected (not highlighted). This way, all you need to do is hit the backspace, change a “1” to a “2” and save. Your back on your merry way of playing the game.

AoE2:HD once did it this way and it was great. Then a patch came along at some point and made it go away, and it has never came back since, as I recall.

In conjunction with this streamlining, I might also advocate even doing an auto version-up, so all we need to do is review the versioned-up number and click Save (or “Enter”). With this, the game would see that you put a “-1”, “-01”, “-v01”, “_v01” type of designation at the end of your first filename, and so any subsequent save operation would autopopulate with a “-2”, “-02”, “-v02”, “_v02”.

I’m just really not a fan of how AoE2:D requires you to first click a filename in the list, then activate the File Name box, then edit the name, then save… as seen in the vid below. It needs to be more user-friendly and a less manual effort, imo.

Here’s a video of present day:

This might result in accidental overwrites of existing saved games :slightly_frowning_face:

That’d be pretty hard to do, especially since they’d, naturally, have an, “Are you sure you want to overwrite the existing file?” type of warning if you just (for whatever reason) hit the Enter key; like every other save process in existence :slight_smile:

If they are going to implement your suggestion, then they certainly have to put file name into that confirmation popup to avoid accidental overwrite of wrong saved game. Actually would be good to have file name in confirmation popup even now :slightly_smiling_face:

No :frowning: I don’t want any more button clicks or windows impeding my ability to get out of that screen. I’m simply trying to quickly save my game or version up my game and get out of there as quickly as possible, and with as little effort as possible. If I put a new, unique filename, then we’re good-to-go; no need for a pop-up… just get me back to my game.

Besides, there’s already currently a pop-up warning when you try to overwrite an existing file, with the background dimmed so you can still see what you tried to do and where you went wrong.

Not necessary. If you’re going to overwrite an existing file, then the functionality that exists already (as seen in the screenshot above) should suffice, right? And if you’ve specified a unique filename, then no pop-ups.

PS: I think I basically don’t want to have to lift my hand off my mouse or doing any mouseclicks. I want to do it all with quick keypresses with my left hand on the keyboard and get off that screen ASAP. That’s perfect for me :smiley: There’s just something about having to also use my mouse on that screen that bothers me. That’s why it was Utopia for me when AoE2:HD once had the functionality I described in my first post.