[Suggestion] Shield Wall feature for Infantry

Shield Wall was going to be a extra command feature for Swordsman line in Age Of Kings. Developer removed it maybe due to mechanical limitation or exact reason we still don’t know. I was asking if this feature makes a comeback in future AOE2:DE updates but still ok not having this feature.
When player activates Shield Wall they can’t move at all. Player may need to wait for faith to wear out or simply deactivate. More pierce damage it recieves faster the ability decreases.
Now let’s talk about how it can be balanced and talk about this pierce damage tanking ability. Instead of increasing pierce armor to +1 like the way it was in Beta instead make it something like tanking arrow instead and having techs to improve it. It’ll have Monk’s faith like percentage to show how long a unit can stay in Shield Wall. Initially or with a tech Swordsman line(from Man-At-Arms) will be able to tank 25% of pierce damage. Upgrading tech will make the tanking ability to more like 50/75% in future. Maybe add some Mangonel resistance bonus like ability to tank 75% of Mangonel damage. Some civs can get extra buff like having a very slow speed when in Shield Wall instead of not being able to move or having faster Shield Wall ability regeneration like Monk’s faith or having to tank 100% of pierce damage(ability percentage still will decrease but not recieving damage).