[Suggestion] Small Lobby Browser Quality Of Life Improvement

I know there are many other threads regarding suggestions to online multiplayer lobbies. I won’t harp on rank, missing lobbies, or any of the other commonly mentioned issues.

One small thing that irks me is the UI functionality for lobby filters. Specifically, the menu provides several options for filtering items, but only allows me to select one item from each menu to filter lobbies by.


I happen to live in the US, and my internet is fine for connections to games hosted in the Eastern or Western US servers. I don’t want to see lobbies from Australia or Korea, as the latency would prevent me from playing smoothly.

Why am I forced to filter for lobbies matching only one unique selection criteria? If the filter menu was just checkboxes, I’d be able to do a logical OR operation over my selected options and build a more specific query for what I want. For instance, show me games in the East or West US, playing Random Map, Empire Wars, or Death Match, with Conquest Victory.

In the current System the closest I can get to this is selecting one unique element for each category. Maybe, “West US, Random Map, Conquest”, or “East US, Death Match, Conquest”.

Just make them checkboxes so we can build a more broad filter to allow us to see more specifically what we want. Thanks!