Suggestion: split resources among remaining players

so! it’s very annoying when you are in a match, and it’s already castle age, and then someone gets attacked by anything, let’s say a single skirmisher, and then they resign immediately, leaving your team with one less player, and also taking that player’s resources out of the game, putting your team in a very disadvantageous position. This doesn’t just happen in that situation, but since this is age of disconnects, it also happens when a player who had no intention of quitting, gets removed from the game, and again, the team is in disadvantage, and the resources are lost, so, my suggestion is to have the resources of the quitters and people who get disconnected split among the remaining team mates as soon as they leave the game. the team will still be at a disadvantage, but it won’t be as bad as them leaving and taking the resources to the virtual grave out of spite or bad luck. This would only apply to resigners and disconnecters, and not players who are defeated. Thank you.


think its a good idea, recommended it (along with other options a few days ago) forum is full of “its always been that way so it shouldnt change” nonsense… so im doubtful any 21st century logic is going to make it through…

I like it. I propose a little more detail:

  1. Disconnected players’ resources are split only if everyone votes to continue, not when saving for the purposes of reconnection.
  2. For players resigning, a dialog box asking if resources should be sent to allies or not. It is always fun to resign and leave everyone with a bitter taste every now and then. :slight_smile:
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A nice idea when you aren’t going to allow an ai on expert to take over of the player who dropped.

Though I would often rather take the ai, then the ress.