Suggestion to balance the spanish

This is based on ideas coming from my posts and suggestions of others posts.

Spanish: Monk and gunpowder civilization

Civ bonuses:
• Builders work 30% faster
• Now 50% of the food cost of each economic or blacksmith tech is converted to gold. (was Blacksmith upgrades don’t cost gold)
• Cannon Galleons benefit from Ballistics (fire faster, more accurately)
• Gunpowder units fire 25% faster (was 18%) and ofc it doesn’t affect conquistadors

Unique Units:
Conquistador (mounted hand cannoneer), Missionary (Monk upgrade)

Unique Techs:
• Inquisition (Monks are upgraded to misionaries which are faster but carry relics at normal speed, now they lose access to fervor)
• Supremacy (Villagers stronger in combat)

Team Bonus:
Trade units generate +25% gold

There is another Spanish thread going on already, maybe you could post there to prevent the section from being overflooded with threads…

Except the current bonus does affect conqs.

This to me doesnt seem like it would help all that much. Gold is not nearly as important as food in the early game.

It’s a minor change but it really affects your early economy and it also encourages early agression instead of just going FC into conqs.

What do you mean? conqs are fine they don’t need a buff, i’m just making them able to compete with other gun powder civs like italians and turks whose bonuses are far superior.

That suggestion doesn’t have future as it’s just a full rework on the other hand i’m suggesting some minor changes.

the current 18% bonus does affect conqs. so you saying “ofcourse it doesn’t affect conqs” is contrary to the current design.

i’ll take faster firing over cheaper

as i increased it to 25% i didn’t want to make them overpowered so thats why i said ‘‘of course’’.

Gun powder units (im talking about the hand cannons) aren’t as accurate as archers, so having more units is better than firing faster as they cover more area.

except the major unit that is used by spanish, that is affected by the bonus would be the BBC, which accuracy isn’t as problematic. it’s not like spanish are going to go mass hand cannon play when they have conqs.I realistically can’t think of the last time i’ve seen them use HC.

So are you giving me the reason? Hand cannons are a good option as italians and turks so increasing it to 25% for spanish and making it don’t affect conqs will make spanish hand cannon more viable.

why would i use hand cannons when i have conqs? you also don’t see turks use hand cannons and i don’t see you buffing turkish hand cannons.

easier to mass, don’t need castles, bonus vs infantry,…

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that’s questionable… granted to mass conqs you need castles, but to mass HC you need imperial age, a university, chemistry and ranges


FI into hand cannon play in arena?


and how often do you honestly see this? realistically its very niche.

650 stone+ elite upgrade+ all stable upgrades… literally more expensive :confused:

elite upgrade really isn’t neccesary for conqs.


If you want to mass them (as we are talking about) you need all upgrades to make them viable in lategame

Elite Conqs really aren’t that good of a unit. as Spanish you should be trying to end the game before you need the elite upgrade.

no. they are very different units:
conqs are a Castle age unit which need no upgrades to be viable (although bloodlines and husbandry are nice)
HC are an Imperial age unit locked behind the slowest technology in the game

so yes getting fully upgraded conqs is more expensive, but conqs are easier to mass, because i can have 10 conqs out before you even make the first HC.

additionally, what makes conqs strong is their ability to deal damage without being massed. 3-4 conqs in an eco can be gg, because of their speed

this ignores part of the cost: time, and you are ignoring the cost of imperial age tech

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1200 food 600 gold+ 150 food+ 120 food 100 gold. You can literally search chemistry more than 4 times for that cost