Suggestion to Devs! .RMS and Map Creator!

Seriously ! You have a whole scenario creation software. All that’s missing is the ability to save as a Random Map and the ability to incorporate “random zones” into it. it would not be titanic for everyone to finally be able to easily create .RMS MAPs without having to go through lines of code that are absolutely not Noob Friendly! So, when is there an evolution of the editor?!

I’m quite confused about what you’re suggesting. You want to be able to make a scenario in the scenario editor, then save it as a random map script? Scenarios and random map scripts are fundamentally different – I don’t see how this could possibly work.

As someone who learnt RMS with no prior programming knowledge, yes, random map scripting is noob friendly – or at least, as noob friendly as it could possibly be. If you want to learn, I think it’s better to look at older map scripts. The ones from AoK and The Conquerors in particular tend to be the simplest. Newer map scripts, especially those written for tournaments, are usually harder to follow.

In truth, the scenario editor is very close to a world editor or a map editor if we compare to other video games of the same genre or close genre. The bulk of the engine is there.

I answer you with Google Translate. Tutorials for learning RMS are in English, RMS acronyms/words are in English. I’m probably starting from much further than you (like many people around me for that matter!) to learn in a pleasant way. maybe also with much less time. (No Weekend, I answer from the phone during small work downtimes :))

So whether you understand or not doesn’t change the substance of the problem of inaccessibility for a good part of the people (which you may just not realize, it doesn’t matter, everyone lives in their own sphere and they are normal not to really realize the others) ^^ However, adapting the scenario editor or creating a real random map editor would be a real plus.

Note: I’m on Mapper discord, I don’t understand English.
I read the tutorials via google translator, they are not clearly translated as well. (or unclear basic? I don’t know.) we can’t say that I didn’t try on my few free time but finally; I’m wasting my time because it’s complicated (for me, for others, not for you, ok.) and it prevents me from playing when I can.

This observation saddens me. My only conclusion is that a map editor would be very welcome. ^^

Random maps are random.
You can’t make an editor for them.
It just can’t work.

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By “Random Zone” I am of course talking about the spawn zone like “I want trees in this zone” but they will drop in a different way, like on a classic map. This is done in code for AoE2DE. this is done in a visual editor on city builders.

If we talk about MegaRandom and others, it’s doable in code, so it’s doable in “visual”, otherwise it won’t exist in code :slight_smile:

I also invite you to look at the MapPack of the Ultra Random tournament to see that this kind of Map is creatable. Although a simpler editor using only fixed MAPs would already be very valuable for us non-English speakers, non-coders, etc.

(Metored Arena are a Map with no random generation and this is a cool map !)

If you knew how the random map script functions you would understand why you can’t make an editor for it.
If you would make a graphical software for it it would be more complicated than just making the script in the classical way.


As I said, fixed MAPs editor would already be very good. Meteored Arena is Fixed, and it is played in tournaments and championships.

Fixed maps are scenarios and you can already make them.


They are not .RMS and therefore cannot be added to tournament MAPPACKs. make an effort Dude! xD

Aah, sorry, I didn’t think of this. I assumed since you were writing in English that you could read/speak English.

I think scenarios and RMS are so different from each other that adapting the scenario for this purpose wouldn’t be possible. I think it would be possible to make a new code-free RMS creator/editor. But it would be a lot of work to make, it would probably still require the user to read as much English as coding would, and I think it would be difficult – perhaps impossible – for it to have all the features of RMS.

This is not really how RMS works. What you’re suggesting seems to me to be a new way to randomly generated maps, not RMS.

Open an .aoe2scenario file and a .rms file with notepad. See any difference? Yeah, that’s why you can’t just add random zones.

However, I do think you are right regarding language. Most of the content for every game is in English and that may be a little hard for people who can’t speak English

did you even open .rms to see how it’s generated?

you declaratively describe areas: TC + area around it for each players, connections between these areas, other general land. And you declare distance between resources etc.

unlike any “zone” approaches…it’s more fair and balanced cause you declare “pattern”.

smth similar to your description was used in aoe4: with a lot of issues\bugs( like overlapping zones etc) and trees in omly one form - circle.

just try, it’s easy to use.

Why can’t tournaments use Scenarios?

They potentially could… depends on what you have in mind for them (and it would likely be a lot of extra work to set that up, if the tournament were to be similar to current tournaments that use rms files).