Suggestion to Sicilian buffs/Changes

Hi there, just to discuss some posible Sicilian changes buffs. They are not awfull but a little something colud help. Just my humble opinion of course.

My proposals. And there is no need to add everything, just giving ideas.

1º Change team bonus"" Transport Ships have +5 Line of Sight and cost -50%.“”. While it can be usefull in islands, and some water maps, its very niche and not even all water maps are affecteds like 4 lakes or mediterranean like for example Japanese or Malays fishing bonuses.

  • New team bonus: Allied units heals 250% faster when garrisoned.

Let my elaborate. Herbal medicine heals 500% faster so this is half that tech should not be that insane number (can be buffed or nerfed).
Also, you can heal units with monks but if you have a Byzantine in your team it heals 100% faster. So same thing here, you can develop Herbal medicine to heal faster but if you have a Sicilian in your team it heals faster.
It could help early defense healing more a little villagers after an early raid and every Civ could use this no problem.
Also helps makes Donjon a little more usefull without really doing more damage for tower rushes and your team could get inside your Donjon to heal to give Sicilians a little support role.(Some what like Celt castles).

2º Keep old bonus as normal Civ bonus. Could be nerfed.

3º First crusade: Change. X wood X food. Al infantry units gain conversion resistance, +4 bonus damage against buildings and siege.
While first crusade i dont think is bad it self, to get most value you need 5 TC(yeah this guys built TC faster i know) but even that is very late game, so i proposse a little somewhat cheaper buff for infantry units for mid-late game.
EDIT: Could work the same but counting Donjons and TC for those 5 structures. A little easier to reach.

4º Hauberk: In addition, cavalier can be trained and/or garrisoned in Donjons.
May be this is on myself but if you focus on Infantry + some skirmishers its usually hard to transition into horses. With this late game upgrade you could use Dojons as Stables and just need to build 1 Stable to research Horse upgrades.(No scout/husar in Donjon, just cavalier)

Again this is just some ideas not that all need to be implemented and hope everyone give some good ideas to discuss.
At least i hope for a proppter team bonus tbh.
Have a good day.

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I prefer the current First Crusade concept, I just don’t really like the details. You’re right that it does make players feel somewhat compelled to build a lot of TCs to take advantage of it, which limits its usefulness.

I’d like it be changed to give diminishing returns, instead. Maybe, 10 from your first TC, 8 from your next, 6 from your next, 4 from your next, and then 2 from every successive TC. That way it’s reasonable to use for any build order. Big booms still get more value, but less so than presently.

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Yeah something like that with diminishing returns sounds nice. If you somehow build 10TC good for you to get a lot of guys, but if you have 2 or 3 still have a good deal.

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Civilization Bonus

Start the game with +100 stone → Get 75 stone on age up

Unique Unit

Serjeant cost reduced 60f/35g → 55f/30g

Unique Building

Donjon cost reduced 75w/175s → 75w/160s


I would prefer first crusade spawn Sarjeant from Donjon and instead of conversion resistance (don’t know if possible) reduce gold cost for sarjeants only if you train them from donjon. If not a flat gold discount would be good.

Ugh more similarities with Teutons. Please no.

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