[Suggestion][UI] Minimap Overlay (Toggleable)

Okay, I think the color of the minimap resource icons is much better post-patch, but there’s still a critical issue: everything is so freakin small. Like how is this even accessible?

I think this is solved simply by having a small “expand” button next to the minimap that expands the minimap either to fullscreen, or partially full screen (like the bottom right quadrant of the UI, if the entire screen was divided into 4 rectangular quadrants) with a 70-80% opacity. This way it doesn’t block your visibility for the brief 5-6 seconds you’ll use this functionality for yet, you can see everything on the map with better clarity.

Again, the issues are:

  • everything is too small
  • in team games, once everyone has units / buildings on the map, you can basically see nothing
  • with enough units / buildings on the map, they hide the resources on the map, so relics and other resources are hard to find after a certain point



Yes, the minimap is disgustingly small in this game. Now I can’t even really see the units, perhaps the developers are using 4k resolution and they are fine with this, as already written here everything is too small.


Minimap icons are too small and my eyes gets hurt when I see them. Please devs make them a little bigger.

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