Suggestion : UI

So i´ve been thinking. Maybe the UI in 3DE could use something that shows the player the ammount of Units he has. Split in Artillery, Cavalry and Infantry. And maybe showing all 3 combined. This would split itself from pop and show the true number of units, not only the pop.
So having a Hussar, shows 1 Cavalry, and not 2 POP taken.
I have coded such a thing for Legacy, maybe this brings an idea to devs ?

Or if you guys have some ideas ( for 3DE and my Legacy version ) let me know !


Also splitting villager types and tasks in the UI would be very useful. Instead of simply showing “40 Villagers on Food”, show “10 Villagers hunting, 20 Villagers of Farms and 10 Fishing Boats on Fish”


That’s an awesome idea! Sadly this is code wise absolutely impossible :frowning: