[ Suggestion ] Unique Civ Only option

Basically what it sounds like - just like the ‘Allow Spectators’ and ‘Hide Civs’ options during lobby creation, I’d like to see a ‘Unique Civs Only’ option so that only 1 player may use a given civilization.

Not for nothing, it bugs me when there are 6 unique civs then 1 copies mine. Sure I could kick, but I’d rather there be an option to eliminate it all together [for custom lobbies when so desired].


If all players pick random, then you end up with all different civs into the game.
If players pick civ, you can ask players to change their civs.

Not sure when we really need this option.

I feel like it’s the same as adding empire wars or hide civs – not “needed” but it’s nice to have the option.

Besides in a game that spans worldwide without an auto-translator, asking is hard.

In the rare cases that I and friends play custom lobbies with randoms, we like to all pick exactly the same civ as one person :slight_smile: so sometimes we end up 8 people same civ :smiley: