[Suggestion] Unique South Asian (Indian) sails and King graphics

Each architecture set has an unique King graphic and unique sails so I think creating some new South Asian graphics would be nice.


I read that as “Unique SA SNAILS” and now I want snails in the game :P. anyway, your idea sounds nice :smiley:

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All Europeans should get some unique kings as well.
Though yes Indians are the odd one right now that don’t have unique ship sails.
They can put an Ashoka Chakra in the Ship Sail graphics for Indians. Just an idea.


By the way, Japanese King (Tennō or Shougun) should be different from other east Asian.


I agree but we should start simple, first polishing out all the sets that we have, making them unique. Currently East European, Mediterranean, Central European and South Asian Sets don’t have a unique King. it should be the most obvious change they should make without messing it too much. It can also be demanded to give Incas a unique king since they are far apart from Aztecs/Mayans. But let’s just keep it simple right now.

I myself don’t like the fact that 5 civilizations(Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Mongols, Vietnamese) are sharing the same East Asian Set right now. That’s a huge group. It should be broken down with Another Architecture Set from the Region. The Torii Gate Monastery Structure, Wooden Architecture is fitting for Japanese but different from the concrete/stone structures used by Chinese so maybe another Chinese Architecture can fit in. Or maybe the Mongols can get some Yurt Architecture to get them separated from this huge group.
While on the other hand South Asian Set has only one civilization using it which should definitely get another civilization using it, either a new one or Malays who can fit almost good with the South Asian Set…


I agree with everything except Malay using the South Asian architecture set. The Feudal architecture set for South East Asia is basically Malay architecture so they’re quite fitting for them.

Trivia by the way but it’s the same case for Vikings. The Feudal Age Germanic architecture is mostly based on Viking architecture.

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I think it’s cool they’ve reused the most superior sails, the chinese ones. <3

That would be the latin Sails, then.


I am confused as to why you responded to me?

Because of the “superior sails” comment.


But why did you show me something inferior? :>

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Latin sail ere the superior sails of the Age, by a long margin.

They were the first sails to allow circumnavigation of the Earth.


Chinese look the nicest, hence, they are superior.

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Pffft, can’t even sail against the wind, has to row like in the Bronze Age…

The Mongol building mod in AOKHD 2013 was superb, Abejin/Omargg’s one. Something based on that would be nice.

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I’ve compiled all Independent architecture set mods for HD, which also included this architecture set. Man, I miss my mod :cry:


I wish the mounted samurai can be a true samurai instead of the hussars.

I miss those flags.


I agree, hope they will add actual flagged samurai

to the hero unit instead of winged hussars.
i would also liked to see some kind of wingless hussar wingless hussar model released as a graphics mod officially. It will fit much better for all the civilizations as a generic cavalry.


Actually, british, slavs and teutons have the exact same sails. Just a different picture on the sails. So this whole point is moot from the start.

On a second note, does everyone else have their sails bugged as in not having any animations on the sails? Mine are just stuck in place right now.

The nagitana rider in Aoe3 can be a reference.
Although the nagitana is regarded as a defensive weapon designed for monks and women in the fact.

It can be changed to hold an Ōdachi or a Yari.

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