[SUGGESTION] Unlock all event challenges on final day of event

I still think it’s a little strange that all challenges don’t open up on at least the last day of an event.

If we finally have a day off from work or have a bunch of free time at the same time as the last day, we can’t blast through and get all the achievements? Darn :confused:

The current event now ends in 5 hours, but the next challenge won’t open for me until 13 hours from now – which is after the event has already ended. So, I’m locked out of doing four of the challenges.

To be honest, I would play AoE2:DE more today if I could do more challenges :slight_smile: , but since I already did the one challenge that was open to me and no more unlocked, I’m switching over to play a different game in my plethora of free time today. I don’t know if others do this, but if so, I feel AoE2 could retain some players and attract others on the last day by unlocking all challenges on the final day, if not the day or two before, too.



If the fear is that unlocking all challenges on the final day means a lot of players would just wait for the end to play, then that's something to consider. But if that's a concern, I think it might be worth trying on one event to see first-hand if that actually happens

PS: I think the screenshots showcase a minor bug, with the next challenge unlocking in 13 hours (so, essentially, “stay tuned!”)… but the event is over in 5 hours


I would even go as far as saying that all challenges will be available after the event for ever. If you miss the challanges for some reason (not able to play the game, you bought the game not at release, …) then you have no chance at all to get the stuff.


I like that idea, and think doing so 3 or 6 months after the event ends would be okay; otherwise, why have an event in the first place if you can just do the challenges right after it ends.

However, if unlocking all the challenges after the fact isn’t an option Microsoft wants to consider, do you think the rewards could/should be made to be inexpensive DLCs at some point after the event? Like, maybe 3 or 6 months later, if nothing else? I mean, I hate to bring DLC up, but it seems like some would prefer to be able to buy a specific unlock (cheat code, TC decoration, sound, etc.) for, say, $0.25, $0.50, or $0.99, if never being able to have them ever at all is the only alternative. I doubt I’d ever buy, especially not for profile icons, but just brainstorming ideas

Modders like Zetnus often reupload event mods to the mod browser after the events are over so you’re wrong there.


It is sometimes possible to get these things. But not always. For example: Some cheat codes are locked behind the events. If you miss them, then you cant get these.


Cheat codes and profile icons are the things that you can’t add back as a mod.
All the graphics, sounds, effects, menu backgrounds etc. are just mods and I usually re-upload them once the next event starts, so that people who missed the previous event can still get them.