[SUGGESTION] When someone drops from a game, someone else should be able to join in

I see lots of discussions about people upset when a group game is started and someone drops within five minutes and what not.

Would it be desirable if someone else could drop into the open seat and help finish the game? Like how some FPS multi-player games do, where people come and go.

Seems to me this would be a way to somewhat help salvage the game. I mean, it’s not perfect… but could help a bit?

There could even be a new MP filter for people purposely seeking to join such games and help out where they can. I’d personally enjoy doing this, if given the opportunity and had the time.

I don’t want to encourage people to freely drop as they please without penalty; so I’d still want penalties for that. I’m just trying to say that if someone drops, it’d be cool if someone else could take their place. Obviously, a lobby option would be needed for groups who absolutely do not want anyone else to join in if someone were to drop.


I think firstly we need to have when someone drops, dropped player can rejoin the game. Then this feature is cool too.


You’re absolutely right; good point.

So, maybe keep it open for that person to rejoin for a bit, and/or when the team collectively decides to open it up to the public, let them click a vote button down in lower-right corner of screen to let a new person join. You may want an algorithm in-place that takes into account the dropped player’s ELO; so the replacement player is roughly the same ELO or higher. But that’s risky, since it may mean waiting longer for a replacement.

Why would i want to join a started game in which a player left. In the best situation you just have some idle time before you took over. So you Will be always behind. In the worst situation someone just messed up the early age with a bad start / bad BO / after getting rushes. So you play a losing game.

I do understand the issue, but i am not sure if this is the solution.

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While this will 99,9% never happen it could be super fun, to just get thrown into a game, trying to make the best out of it.
I played years of Empire Earth Multiplayer (competitive) online and there existed a workaround to join a save&load game as a different player. Since the community was small and games were long this was sometimes done and always super fun. You had to deal with the situation the player left you in, his civ etc…

But ya more of fun speculation than a real solution.

Yes but this will be opportunity to players which wants challenge or someone disconnected and somebody invited his/her friend to continue the game.

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Because you’re a good person and want to help out, and you want the challenge. Who knows… maybe your skills and abilities will more than make up for the dropped player’s; quickly overcoming any handicap.

And if the alternative for the players still playing is to have an empty seat the entire game or quit the game, I’m sure many would welcome a replacement instead.

Or an AI could take over. But that might be be weird

This seems to be a very good suggestion that a lot of people would particularly want added to the game:

I do think it would matter if it were a ranked match or not. If it were, you kinda would want someone of the same skill level allowed in - otherwise, you would just “drop” to have your friend The Viper join to help you win :stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking it’d be awesome if Viper lurked with this filter on, and then when a player dropped from a game, he would swoop in an surprise the group as the replacement player :slight_smile: Viper and really good players like him could be ‘angel players’ – coming in to try and save the day :muscle::smiley:

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