[SUGGESTION] Would like to see the Moorish civilization in AOE 4


back in AOE2 , the Berbers were mentioned in the game , i would like to see the Moorish civilization would be mentioned instead of Berbers , since Berbers is a vast term that indicated different civilizations , eg: Libyans, Carthaginians and Moors , and since the Moors were a highly advanced civilization that expanded through Africa and Iberian peninsula, it would be great to revisit this page of History again, the history of the Moors is often misunderstood since the media somehow portray them as Arabs or Black people , but in reality , Moroccans adopted Arabic back in Andalusia for religion purposes but still spoke their native language which is Tamazight (berber language) , Moors had also a civilization BC which interacted with Roman empires and had many wars with Hispania and Vandals, There are various resources that i can include which portrays this period, also , there are great resources on Moors by Greek historians BC such as Herodotus. Please let me know your thoughts or if you are interested in seeing Moorish Civilization on AOE4 .

for Art purposes , there are plenty of resources of the Moorish architecture, Kasbah is one of them which was included in AOE2 but under the berber civilization which again is a vast term.

Thank you

Berbers makes far more sense than Moors as a civ name, and especially if we’re already having a Saracens or Arabs civ as well (which seems likely).

Personally I am hoping for a Persian civ (as well Franks) but there’s no reason we can’t have all three of these.

The problem with Moor / Moorish is that it isn’t much of a label and really just refers to Muslims from North Africa and Iberia. It’s a bit like using ‘Franks’ as a catch-all term for Western crusaders.


The Moors were not exclusively Berbers, the Muslim Iberians of Al-Andalus (the vast majority of the population) were referred to as Moors, and their native language was Romance (Mozarabic) and they were the same people as the Christian Iberians

There is a big misunderstanding especially if you label Moors as Arabs or Muslims , Moroccans invaded the Iberian peninsula many times , in the medieval times it was conquered by Tariq, king of Morocco back then , most of historic references mentions that he was a King and do not belong to Arabs , since Saracens really didn’t had much of a civ , even the Ummayad civ was a Byzantine extension, Moors adopted Arabic but didn’t speak it only in palaces and Mosques , i agree that Mozarabic was a language in the iberian peninsula because most of the locals didn’t understand the Moorish language , so it was like a mixture of local languages, here is an ancient scripture about Tariq which portrays him as the king of Morocco , and Amir el Mominin which means prince of the believers as how we call the king in Morocco usually

If you need more references about this i would be glad to help