I think in age of 4,We can create a farm to get gold.If not.We only create skirmisher and Pikeman…

Allowing to trade between own markets would also allow to get gold even in single-player. This would use market trading functionality already in game. It would need player to protect his trade line, so would have risk associated with it.

I agree.Also,try to be like Age of Empire III Asian farm can get gold

this is exactly how it works in age of mythology. in that game there exist no trash. every millitary unit costs gold.

the age 3 plantations are a bit too simple and easy to protect, dont you think so?

i have been in aoe 3 games that just resulted in late game endless waves of units, thanks to super protected 100 villagers behind walls somewhere at the back of the base and almost instant train times due to cards. no need to ever manage the eco since farms and plantantions just go on for ever.

it is fun at first and very dull after the rush weres off.

This would be a very profound change to the core gameplay of AoE2 and there’s really no reason for it.

Controlling Gold resource nodes is one of the core aspects of the mid-game, if you give players an alternative then that whole aspect of the game is just…gone.

are the devs basing aoe 4 purely on aoe2? are there any infos about this, i would love to read more.

setting up trade (aom) and plantantions (aoe3) are late game things, since trade ges only available in age 3 (castle) and the tech to make it efficient (caravan) is age 4 (imp).

Plantantions in aoe3 produce gold at a much slower rate and are very wood expensive to build.

in the mid game control of gold is still important and losing acces is a severe problem, since the alternatives can normally not keep up until much later

Sorry, I got confused, this appears to be an AoE4 suggestion, not a change to AoE2: DE.

I would suggest to make the topic in the proper forum:

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First,gold speed slower than food.second,Gold have limit.Third,you can use teconology to level up it

My meaning is like food farm.Having limit food,need many wood to build it.It can more expensive than food farm!

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