Suggestions about ranked and balance (essentially talking about 1v1)

Hey! I do have quite a lof of open suggestions for the ranked 1v1 system and balance especially on arabia by my experience of player:
Currently in the game, we get pick civ by default and random civ if majorities agrees to which consist else into picking civs and get very boring games or else into playing head or tails with civilisations
I plays everytime with random civ and i feel like judging by the civ given, that there is MANY unbalanced matchups especially that the meta currently is very precise and fast contrary to like 3 years ago and even more to voobly era.
My suggestions to trying to fix it is by adding a new mode between the pick and random civ which consist into using random civ for both players as before, but with the great difference than in this random, both players should picks 15 civs (not sure about the number but it can be tweaked) ofc, these civs can be set in a preset per maps and don’t need to be defined everytime, so it still create dynamic and refreshing matchups but dont get as unbalanced as getting huns on arena or teutons on island
And please by pity stop adding civs there is already too many in the games many are not even balanced in many cases, adding more civs would only complexify the balance problem…

My second issue is with the map pool, honestly the map pool from an objective view is almost everytime garbage or ok but very rarely good, im not sure about the solutions, but i do have some simple ideas which will maybe help:

  • Someone which is currently unranked can’t vote. (it seems obvious for me)
  • Add more maps! The standards maps especially in the open and hybrid departement, are for most of all very boring and already played a lot of times. there is many interestings maps in the tournaments, standard map pools already inclused some but the number of these is low
  • Dont include the same map often hideout for example is in the map pool very often.
  • Never include megarandom or any kind of map like this, this is a lobby map to have fun with friend that’s not a balanced map and by design, this is impossible to fix we cant scout every portion of the map to know if there is water and need to dock especially if we NEED to gather deer and so delay scouting and know which herdables,lurables animals we got around the bases and even more with generations without scouts.
    plus there is many cases i played where only one opponent have simply no deeps fishs at all where he dock.
  • Don’t force someone to play any map in the mappool (unlimited bans), why there is no unlimited ban ? I suppose for the queuing time but if someone ban all maps except his niche map he deserve to have a long waiting time and that only does for him because his choice are strict i am also in favor for more maps in the pool not sure about it.

As for the balances issues, first i want to talk about Arabia:

  • Please increase the woods, having a desert in many generations is really unpleasable and frustating, it also make the civs and laming aspect way more in factor. Ponds removal in the player bases are a good thing ! But it was annoying only because it makes generations having not enough viable wood, if you remove pond but decrease the wood, well it dont change that much the situation, it even make the situation more badly than before because at least before with the same number of woods we dont get ponds everytime.
  • Revert the deer change, first of all many build orders need to gather deers so not having the luck to find these early enough can be really snowballing especillay if you get lamed of if you deers are behind a forest. and also luring deer is honestly really really really annoying, we dont want to make it from larger distances.

I tend to ban arabia, cause the meta on it is relying almost only on the castle age timing while investing on feudal the less possible, almost everyime, i play we both making a no mill build order archer or french drush use this feudal army to disturb the most possible try to get an advantage, and by end of the feudal abuse market and click up castle and the first castle age generaly win especially if a good number of crossbows, and i dont think that’s a map issue ; that is a balance issue, market are too strong, feudal army can not make enough damage to someone only investing on 1 range with wall and eventually a tower and if some crossbows are getting close of someone still feudal this is assured to make a good numbers of damages because no unit temporise crossbow in feudal and even if we get the same castle timing, archers are created from feudal age are cheap and fast to tech into, making elite skirm is really expensive and long, getting a siege and getting a mangonel is very long, tower dont protect that much, kts are long to get and not really in vibe with abuse market.
We need a buff for elite skirm tech, nerf the market abuse and i would even say a pure archer nerf in creating time(not sure about this) , there are too oppresive even from feudal, scout rush, forwading, trush etc are so hard to do right now, it can somehow works in some cases but this is far more complex to win with theses openings.

And to finish, please remove the rng of deers and monks, i dont think i need to explain why, monks had been changed in DE to have a reliable conversion’s time on scout, eagles and that’s a good thing ! I know if i will get the conversion or not that is not a luck thing, why not extend it to all units?


That’s not gonna happen unless you’re willing to pay for the game via a monthly subscription. How else can they maintain the servers and pay the Devs if they don’t add new DLC?


That blatant lie over and over

They don’t need to keep selling dlc’s, microsoft has a long program called gamepass, aoe is one of their jewels meaning it has granted support, second it is their most played game on steam and probably on PC, so yeah dlcs only benefit the small team called forgotten empires but not microsoft itself.

There is an interview with a key worker from microsoft explaining their focus with aoe2 is to keep and increase the playerbase not to sell dlcs, gg no re for all those who keep claiming lies as facts.


I don’t mind to have a choice in 1v1 that force players to go random (it will be optional I mean to allow or not), however, it will not change or help the balance that much imo. To improve the random play you need to have a ban draft system allows you to ban civs. IMO having in-game banned civs draft is really necessary now.

For your suggestions on the map pool I 100% agreed, there should be some restriction to allow players to vote.

For monk thing I disagree, monks are fine imo and their rng is ok, I heard lately many people complain about monks and some of them even suggested to not make monks allow to convert until research a tech but Inwas surprised why people all of sudden think monks are OP! For deers I think they should remove pushing deer mechanic completely.

So, they don’t matter because they’re not Microsoft? I don’t see the point you’re trying to make here. What’s wrong with Forgotten Empires and why don’t you want to support them?

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Aren’t most civs already balanced in 1v1? with most of the unbalanced ones no longer too dominant


I can’t agree more. Arabia is abysmal now. 2 or even 3 golds far forward, and on a hill so you cannot TC them (90% of the times). Gold/deer behind woodlines (wtf!). Worst case is when your base is a freaking basin: opponent put siege shop on a hill and it’s basically gg.

Just move the script back to before Kotd 4. Runestones is way better than Arabia.

So true. Deer should just spawn near berries seriously. Pushing deer is the single most boring skill in the game yet still necessary.

Unfortunately this might buff laming too much. I would keep it just for an option, but much less annoying to do.


Well monks are OP cause it’s never a bad thing to make some of those and because of their random aspect they can make no difference or can return the game in your favor
also sometimes they are the only counter to early all in like conq push on arena at very early stage you absolutely need monks there is no alternative and if you get no conversion you are basically gg
i’m not specially in favor of a nerf to monks but to make them more predictacle cause winning or losing by luck is no healthy at all.

Yes i already thought about that and maybe this is better or it can be complemented with my idea, because im afraid that this system will lead to the same civs again and agains as in picked especilly if there is not enough ban

There is still unbalance but to lesser extend than before ofc this not anymore aztec war on arabia everyime there is many strong options now however with the current meta civs which aren’t able to have the castle age timing are really behind in front of a civ which have it easily and im not talking about other maps where there is many civ completly unplayable as huns on arena or teutons on island as i said you can only win if you opponent make huge mistake with these.

I want to say about problem when I pick civil and in team game why 2-3 player other pick random I must random follow they , need the game let any one want to random they get, and anyone want to pick they will get civil they want . Inadequace in ranked game :(((((

I’m actually curious to know of what civs you talk about? the only ones that comes to mind are Hindustani, Vikings, Gurjaras, Malians, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Poles.

You mean the top civ in this meta on arabia ? Thats the civilisation where you can make damage early and still have a good castle age timing with market like Malians, Aztecs, Mayans, Ethiopians, Khmers, Saracens, Mongols…