Suggestions about relics, environment and more

One of the best things in the game is that every civilization is unique.
I would like to see more use of relics than just lololo and storing them for gold. I would like every Civ to have a unique use of the rellics mainly in combat, such as small/short but fairly signifficant buffs or debuffs or something special for every different civilization. This would make the game much more interesting, dynamic and relics would not only exist on the map until they are safely stored for passive income. This would keep the relics more active during the entire game - potential for cheese plays, but with penalty to lose the relics if coutered. This could be difficult to balance, but the game will always need balancing and touches here and there with every patch anyway.
I would also like to see more animal world, sheeps are good, but can we see also goats, turkeys (more numbners with less food each), cows (less count,but giving more food) and other kind of animals for the same use - to collect with scouts for food. Also would be nice to see different wild animals - lions, tigers, bears, krocodiles, based on the map type. Elephants as alternative to boars etc. Also would be nice to have specific maps with more and more aggresive wild life.
Farms - apart from the chinese whos’ farms are rice every other farms are the same. What if instead of wheat farms there are different cultures for dirrefent civs.