Suggestions and a very annoying design bug

Hyper Mega Ultra Priority:

Editing the metropolis in the scenario editor is completely impossible beyond the cosmetics, because they did something botched, which is that the metropolis level is still active in the game in the scenario editor, but since the DE doesn’t have levels you can’t change the metropolis level as you could do in the Complete Edition.

This makes it impossible to change any deck, there are 2 possible solutions, the first and the most reasonable is to eliminate the metropolis level, as it should be.
The second would be to enable changing the metropolis level in the metropolis editor as it was in the complete edition.

The third one is not a solution per se, but it can be used to fix the error, it turns out that if you load an old scenario that does not have any of the new civilizations, all the cards of these new civilizations appear, according to another of the several conversations about this metropolis error (since 2020 it is being reported), the problem is in the prefinished decks, but I can’t confirm anything other than if you load the old scenario, all the cards appear in the new civilizations that the scenario doesn’t recognize (it’s not going to happen). letters, since if you go to Spain, for example, the new cards do not appear yet).

  1. As a priority suggestion, change the main interface of the game so mods and scenario editor are on the main screen and not hidden in tools.
    I think it’s part of the reason why aoe2’s modding/scenario editor community is bigger than aoe3’s, when aoe3’s has so much more potential than aoe2’s, considering a lot of beautiful things in it. scenario editor.

---- ---- All the following would be very nice if they put it, but they are not really errors like the previous one, they are rather suggestions, some really necessary: ---- ----

  1. If the metropolis is fixed, is it possible to create a metropolis with all the cards?
    You can even use one of the factions that are as enemies in the campaign (which appear as a selectable metropolis in the editor) and put all the cards on them, which should not affect any campaign since the AIs cannot modify your deck (you would only have to add sliders to be able to see them).

  2. Being able to modify the statistics/abilities of the units:
    What comes to mind is, for example, being able to put the unit promotion passive ability on a hero, which would be fantastic for a custom scenario.

  3. Being able to create/edit technologies/cards, I really don’t think I’ll use this much (or if it’s even possible), but I see how it could be very useful not only for mods, but also for game developers, since it would make it easier for them to add new cards. and adding new civilizations/revolutions, like with Mexico, which I reckon was pretty annoying to do in around 10 decks of cards, where it would be easier to do in the editor.

Something like creating a new card, selecting an image and putting a name and description, age and if it has cost requirements, such as population or gold, then select what it is going to do (like the list of triggers), only in this case with in-game modifiers, such as build limit change, number of things shipped (for number of units or crates), enabling a unit in the barracks (or changing it, like the British fourth age card that changes archers for guerrillas), etc.

As for the technologies the same, the only special thing that comes to mind would be to be able to make your own politicians and revolutions, allowing you to add more ages, etc.

  1. Finally add a campaign editor, in AOE3 to make a campaign you can only modify the original campaign from the game files in order to have a personalized campaign, the issue is that it is in all Age of Empires games except 3 (unknown on 4, I think there was no map editor).
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