Suggestions and discussions on the playback interface and the battle system

I am Aincosmo, the live broadcaster of twitch in Taiwan,
I am happy to share with you the difficulties and annoying points that I found during the live broadcast of aoe4.
I hope that the future hotfix or new version can solve these problems,
Let aoe4 be more eye-catching in live broadcasts or competitions, and also allow the anchors to better use their skills,
I am writing this by machine translation, sorry for some translation meaning bug.

First of all,
For the replay interface and the social system

The replay system does not have the function of replaying or jumping to key time points,
This has caused a large degree of replay to be replayed when you want to replay wonderful shots or practice tactics.
This is very time-consuming and meaningless,
Significantly reduces the convenience of this convenient function of playback

No. 2,
During the playback, the interface cannot display the list of both players who are making and producing.
When two players are fighting,
For anchors or players, the easiest and best way to grasp the current situation of the two sides is to observe the production list.
One party upgrades defense technology or long-range armor technology in order to resist the opponent’s archers or Mongolian Turks.
But when was it produced?
The anchor must point buildings one by one in order for the audience to see,
This makes it extremely difficult to broadcast or replay.
The streaming has also become chaotic,
Must repeat and repeat back to home.

Hiding the battle record or replay is a very good function,
Let people choose not to be targeted by high-end or top players,
But the inability to share and download replay caused a very poor experience.
Many tactical applications and basic techniques are the fastest way to learn from the replay of the battle.
When junior players have not found the current mainstream meta in many gameplay methods, it is very important to find a master to learn copying, but it is a big obstacle to not being able to download replay to practice.
The other is when replay (in the future) can be downloaded,
I also hope to be able to make a replay system before and after the playback,
This will not cause a small hotfix to turn the previous version of replay into garbage.

The lost unit cannot provide information outside of the military unit,
We know that to harass the other party’s technology or economic purpose is to attack the other’s villagers.
Even kill or interfere with the other villagers,
There is no mention of villager units or other important data such as religious units (prelate) on the page of kills and losses.

Battle status and entertainment
The physical collision feeling of the battle is sometimes not so sensitive.
There is always a subtle delay in operation,
For example, the coefficient when the unit is frozen and the judgment time point of turning the head to draw the bow or moving the current attacking unit,
If these subtle modules and dynamics can be improved,
I believe that it will be more competitive for top players who like micro-manipulation (micro)

No. 2,
In terms of tactics, the current fast pace will become the norm.
This means that the content or tactics of many games will be restricted from playing in the later stage.
Many players hate the wonders of the world, and winning the holy relics will be restricted.
For this, I recommend that you can reduce the time and consumables of the wonders of the world according to the proportion of time to reach the technology.
The sooner you reach the imperial period, you will get the highest reduction of world wonders.
In this way, reward the defensive counterattack player and the persecutor at the later stage of the decisive battle.
And increase the tactical appearance rate and the creation of possible new tactical systems
The situation in the battle for the relic area can also be compared with sudden death to make the time shorter and shorter.
At this time, the competitive pressure and viewing ability will be greatly improved!

At present, I have observed the situation of aoe4 and put forward the above content. I hope everyone can brainstorm and discuss if you have better suggestions or don’t like my suggestions!

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