Suggestions for Flaming Camel

I’m not able to do an actual exhaustive analysis as of yet. However, I have three suggestions.

  1. They shouldn’t be able to be outrun by any form of cavalry, which they’re designed to counter. They should be the fastest unit in the game with Husbandry.

  2. They need to be able to do at least reasonable damage to siege. They do cost gold, it shouldn’t take 10 to take down a Siege Ram. I would suggest 4. That’s still not nearly cost effective. Even if it’s not bonus damage against siege - just rams.

  3. The blast radius should be slightly larger. It’s not super effective against large groups, even in equal numbers.

For discussion:

Looks like you need around 40 camels to take down a Castle. Is that reasonable? Should it not be strong at all versus buildings, or should it do more?

They are a novelty unit, essentially faster Petards, not meant to be a core of your strategy, and only useful against Cavalry civs.

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You do not need to use them against Rams , it’s not like normal petards are not available.

As far as Siege is concerned, they are actually relatively cost effective against mangonels and scorpions, especially if massed.

If anything, they are actually overpowered against elephants at the moment.


They are meant to be a counter to Elephants mostle, and since Tatars Infantry only has Scalemail Armour, it fits right in.
I do not think they are overpowered against Elephants, since the other choice would be Heavy Camels, and those get crushed by Elephants really bad.

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It is a pretty meme unit. No need to make it op.


It is actually stronger than the Petard, by virtue of being faster. It is good enough in my book.


It needs to do bonus damage to more unit types.

Against Elephants, Tatar Halbardiers are more cost effective by a lot. Having only Scale Mail Armor doesn’t hurt them in vs. cavalry fights by ‘that’ much. Tatars also have Heavy Camel with full upgrades, so the Flaming Camel doesn’t have an advantage because of its speed either. Tatars already had good anti-cavalry options before the Flaming Camel, and they still do, making the Flaming Camel a redundant unit. But only buffing the Flaming Camel’s anti-cavalry strengths would make Halbardiers or Heavy Camels obsolete. Therefore the best option is to make them do high damage to more unit types.

Not at all. Even turk and frank Skirmishers will slaughter Tatar Halberdiers. You really need the Flaming Camels, or Heavy Scorpions (they do bonus damage to Elephants) to beat BEs. BEs alone would destroy a large number of Halbs with only Scalemail Armour, but BEs with Elite Skirms? It would be a defeat for the pages of History.

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I don’t take into account “but what if they mix in the counter unit” when the same can be said for every other unit match up in the game, sorry. The topic is about performance vs. cavalry. Not performance vs. counter units.

Problem is that thy do not even need to mix in the Skirms, but if they do, it is very one-sided.

Like it or not, Flaming Camel counter only ONE type of unit, but it is the one they most need to counter.


If you want to use a far more expensive and far less flexible hard counter to Elephants, that’s up to you. But I’ll continue using Tatar Halbardiers vs. Elephants, thanks.

Flaming Camel? What is even that?

The only situation in which flaming camels are inefficient against elephants is in a 1 V1 situation. The instant Flaming camels start damaging more than one unit, they become obscenely effective.

More importantly, elephants cannot run away from flaming camels. They can quite effectively run away from halberdiers.