Suggestions for hotkey, UI and mods

 General

  1. Show the mercenary which can train in saloon & temple

In current games, players(except Sweden players) won’t know about the mercenary they can train in European saloon & Asian temple until they build them. It’s just like using 200 woods to gamble. If players can know information about the mercenary they can train in the game, I believe it will be very helpful for players make special mercenary strategy or decide to select The Mercenary Contractor (age 3 politician) to age up. Actually, it has been shown in the record game like this:

I think this kind of hint is clearly, but show it in the begining of the progressing game instead of hiding it will be much more better.

  1. Add a hotkey for changing home city shipment arriving point

This hotkey only exists in Default hotkey, players can’t find it in legacy hotkey. I hope ur team can add it for legacy hotkey users.

  1. Show the civ flags aside the score board

In Aoe2 DE, players can easily recognize their opponents’ civs by just watching the flag aside the score board. However, in Aoe3 game, if players fail to catch a glimpse before the game start, they need to click the player summary to know their opponents civs. In 1v1 game, it doesn’t bother players too much, but in 3v3 or 4v4 game, players may be messed up by forgetting their opponents’ civs. Ur team can make it in Aoe2 DE, I believe u can do it in Aoe3 DE too.

 Multiplayer

  1. Show the friends’ status

In old version, players can easily know their friend online, offline or battling. But in new De version, players still can’t see their friend online or not without Steam friend list, it is very inconvenience. Even in Aoe2 DE, players can see their friend online or not, but Aoe3 DE can’t. Please add this function for Multiplayer.

  1. Open Mods

We still don’t know why ur team closed the mods for Multiplayer (maybe is the cheater). But I think mods is an important part of Age of Empires series. Fans can make their own, useful mods and share it with other players. It is a very wonderful interaction. In Aoe2 De, players can still use mods in Multiplayer (I love the Daut castle mods, it’s hilarious), but in Aoe3 DE, they can’t. I don’t know if there is any technical problems or not in Aoe3 DE, but I hope ur team can resolve it and re-open the mods for Multiplayer someday.


These are all great suggestions! I’d love to see these implemented as well.