Suggestions for improving FFA

In the beginning I was totally hyped to play FFA.

Now, after more or less 20 matches I feel that the mode still has a lot of room for improvement: Early aggression way to often ends in your own dead and kings get fed away too often. E.G. you attack, win the battle, may even kill the king but you are still stuck in age 2 or have exhaused a lot of ressources. Meanwhile your other neighbour has reached age 3 and just snipes your king with a couple of man in arms while you are soo delayed. He than snowballs.

Suggestions for improvement:

(1) New pop increasement rule

  • king kill only gives 20 pop extra
  • player who has dealt most damage gets 30 pop
  • player who has dealt second most damage gets 10 pop (if 30% of overall damage was dealt)

(2) Additional Rewards for kills

  • killing an enemy rewards extra ressources, abilities or techs
  • these rewards scale over time or age

This would reward players who invested in army instead of mega booming in a far away corner and than killing one after another with man in arms or knights.