Suggestions for Improving Post Match Statistics

Hi there, big fan of the game since AOE2 days, I found the post match statistics such a fun and interesting way for dissecting a match and just of general interest. The game statistics at the end are a metric that everyone looks at and pretty much without fail, everyone ive played in multiplayer will stick around and sift thru the results. It would be amazing to improve the timeline and statistics pages since people spend so much time using it, also a great conversation point at the end of games. A few of these suggestions are from AO2, but would not affect the gameplay of AO4 in anyway, since they are simply post-match statistics.

  1. Clearly not everything that is being calculated for points is put into the statistics tables, which takes away from all of the data you are providing and makes you question the accuracy of the whole thing. You can have a star in every column and still lose the category, makes no sense. What’s the harm in showing everything that is being calculated for points?

  2. I don’t see why you can’t develop a system for Dehli and Mongols to calculate their Technology and Society scores competitively against other civs.

  3. You have a column for Age Up Times for ages 2 & 3 but no 4? Also, often the timeline doesn’t show everyones Age 4 age up time.

  4. Military count column is often over 200, which i really can’t make sense of when ive got a hundred villagers and my elephants are taking up 3 population. Providing a description of the metric would help clarify how things are calculated.

  5. I’m sure you have your reasons for allotting points where you do, but would it not make sense to add more points to players who destroy Wonders and Landmarks.

  6. A better breakdown for gold income, such as amount from trade by cart or ship, amount gained from relics, etc. Same with food, gathering from bushes, deer, farms, fish, # of boar perhaps.

  7. Give the option to sort the timeline by teams.

  8. Fix the chart size, it’s kind of redundant to have a scroll bar that only reveals one more metric. This could easily be cleaned up to fit on one page without the need to scroll.

  9. Some new metrics additions could be things like: total building count or a breakdown of the types of buildings made, number of wonders/landmarks destroyed, break down of types/number of military units made, maybe something representing amount of map control.

Anyways, I want to make sure this doesn’t come across as me hating on AOE4, I think it’s a great game, I just really see this aspect improving the experience for everyone.

Thank you, Zach