Suggestions for Japanese civilization

Now the problem of Japanese civilization is that it is too weak in the early stage, and the early tactics are all to “get food”. The tactics are too single. Age 3 and age 4 Op.

It is recommended that villager start with level 1 fruit collection efficiency, just like Indian villager with level 1 wood collection efficiency. This allows the Japanese to start looking for other effective tactics, not just to “get food”.

Meanwhile, ashigaru Musketeer’s movement speed is reduced from 4.5 to 4.25. This is to balance the “Musketeer” of other civilizations

For treaty balance, reduce the Exalted Flaging Arrow to 28 range. Because it itself is “Falconet”, not “Culverin”.

Haudenosane’s Light Cannon is “Culverint”, not “Falconet”.

The “Falconet” of 30 range is unreasonable in itself. It’s cheap and no packing. Often used in large quantities, 30 range is unreasonable.

you are moving on dangerous grounds calling japan weak on these forums :slight_smile:


Whether someone says that Japan is OP, balanced or weak, it seems that everyone can agree that a nerf is worth talking about.

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yes but the unit is also just not good, its a pretty bad unit as far as artillery goes.

This is basically a l2p issue.