Suggestions for new stuff and fixes for a future update

Hello everyone to my topic in which I will present my suggestions for new things and fixes for AoE 3 DE that could appear in a future update.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to the developers for the latest update, which has given us tons of brand new good things :blush: :heart:


Brand new Revolutions and changes to the current ones


  1. Belgium - a completely new option for the Revolution

  2. Brazil - no change /or deletion

  3. Indonesia - no change

  4. South Africa - no change

  5. United States - no change /or deletion


  1. Bohemian Crown - a completely new option for the Revolution

  2. Croatia-Slovenia - a completely new option for the Revolution

  3. Hungary - Grenzer replace by Forradalmi Milícia (unique Hungarian Revolutionary)

  4. March Revolution - a completely new option for the Revolution

  5. Romania - no change


  1. Barbary States - no change

  2. Bulgaria - a completely new option for the Revolution

  3. Egypt - no change

  4. Greece - a completely new option for the Revolution

  5. Serbia - a completely new option for the Revolution


  1. Lithuania - a completely new option for the Revolution

  2. Finland - no change

  3. Polish Uprising - a completely new option for the Revolution

  4. Ruthenians - a completely new option for the Revolution


  1. Finland - no change

  2. Norwegians - a completely new option for the Revolution

  3. United States - no change /or deletion

Royal Houses

More new Royal Houses:

  1. House of Ascania - Central European maps
  2. House of Nassau - Central & Western European maps
  3. House of Luxembourg - Central & Western European maps
  4. House of Hochberg - Central European maps
  5. House of Hohenzollern - Central & North-Eastern European maps
  6. House of Ottoman - South-Eastern European maps
  7. House of Sforza - Southern European maps
  8. House of Medici - Southern European maps
  9. House of Savoy - Southern & South-Western European maps
  10. House of Tudor - North-Western European maps
  11. House of Stuart - North-Western European maps
  12. House of Trastámara - South-Western European maps
  13. House of Rurik - Eastern European maps
  14. House of Romanov - Eastern European maps
  15. House of Borgia - Southern European maps

With these 15 brand new Royal Houses, Europe would become Minor Nations complete.

Home City Cards

Sample new HC Cards:

  • “Land Cards” (Germans civ) - a unique card category for Germans civ that sends a group of units from a specific Royal House e.g. Habsburg Royal House.

Changes in old HC Cards:

  • “Mercenary Camps” - no longer upgrades Taverns in Mercenary Camps, but Settlers can now only build Mercenary Camps instead of Taverns - Explorer can also build. Build limit: 3.


Brand new maps:

  1. Fjords - Vasa & Oldenburg Royal Houses
  2. Norway - Vasa & Oldenburg Royal Houses
  3. Lapland - Vasa & Romanov Royal Houses
  4. Novgorod - Rurik & Romanov Royal Houses
  5. Gotland - Vasa & Oldenburg Royal Houses
  6. Prussia - Hohenzollern Royal House & Jesuit Mission
  7. White Ruthenia - Jagiellon, Rurik & Romanov Royal Houses
  8. Zaporizhia - Jagiellon and Rurik Royal Houses & Tengri Shrine
  9. Crimea - Jagiellon, Romanov and Ottoman Royal Houses & Tengri Shrine
  10. Bulgaria - Phanar & Ottoman Royal Houses
  11. Peloponnese - Phanar & Ottoman Royal Houses
  12. Sicily - Borgia, Medici & Trastámara Royal Houses
  13. Campania - Borgia, Medici & Trastámara Royal Houses
  14. Lazio - Borgia, Medici & Savoy Royal Houses
  15. Veneto - Savoy, Sforza & Habsburg Royal Houses
  16. Croatia - Jagiellon, Habsburg & Savoy Royal Houses
  17. Bosnia - Jagiellon, Habsburg and Ottoman Royal Houses
  18. Transylvania - Phanar and Ottoman Royal Houses
  19. Galicia - Jagiellon & Habsburg Royal Houses
  20. Lower ####### - Habsburg, Hochberg & Hohenzollern Royal Houses
  21. Upper ####### - Ascania, Hochberg & Hohenzollern Royal Houses
  22. Brandenburg - Ascania, Hohenzollern & Luxembourg Royal Houses
  23. Central Germany - Ascania, Wittelsbach & Wettin Royal Houses
  24. Hamburg - Ascania, Hanover & Oldenburg Royal Houses
  25. Bavaria - Wittelsbach & Habsburg Royal Houses
  26. Austria - Wittelsbach & Habsburg Royal Houses
  27. Lorraine - Luxembourg & Nassau Royal Houses
  28. Normandy - Bourbon & Tudor Royal Houses
  29. Brittany - Bourbon & Tudor Royal Houses
  30. Aragon - Bourbon, Savoy & Trastámara Royal Houses
  31. Andalusia - Savoy and Trastámara Royal Houses & Jesuit Mission and Sufi Mosque
  32. Asturias - Trastámara Royal House & Jesuit Mission
  33. Moldova - Jagiellon, Phanar & Ottoman Royal Houses
  34. Constantinople - Phanar & Ottoman Royal Houses
  35. Aegean Coast - Phanar and Ottoman Royal Houses & Sufi Mosque

Other changes

  • “Prince Electors” - this card turns into a Big Button available in Town Center from Commerce Age. It changes the flag of Germans civ into the flag of one of the selected allies, e.g. the flag of Bavaria, Austria or Saxony. The available alliances would be extended to the following Royal Houses: Ascania (Brandenburg flag), Luxembourg (Bohemian flag), Hochberg ######## flag) and Hohenzollern (Prussian flag). Additional potential alliances would also be added, but would consist of German mercenaries (e.g. Jaeger) and a bonus (e.g. improved fishing boats), so there would be additional options for e.g. Hesse and Pomerania. What each Age Up can change alliance and the previous one stops working anymore - you can not change the alliance.

  • “March Revolution” this card turns into a revolution option exclusive only for Germans civ. Grenzer’s are unique Militiamen.

  • “Wallenstein’s Contracts” - now you can train Landsknechte, Black Riders and Jaeger’s in Barrack’s, Stable’s and Fort’s.

  • “Master Surgeons” - removing this Card and adding its contents to the Church.

  • “Church improvements Cards” - removing this Card and adding its contents to the Church. Church improvements Cards that are unique to each civ are automatically added to the Church.

  • “Ranching” - removing this Card and adding its contents to the Livestock Pen.


Why is there censorship for the name of this region???:

  1. House of Ascania - Eastern German units and techs
  2. House of Nassau - Dutch units and techs
  3. House of Luxembourg - Czechian and Slovakian units, building (Hussite Camp - warriors train and health of units) and techs
  4. House of Hochberg - ######## units, building (Grube - shaft minning and train Bergmann - miner) and techs
  5. House of Hohenzollern - Prussian units, building (Fabrik - a more efficient Factory. Can train Howitzer) and techs
  6. House of Ottoman - Turkish & Bosnian units, building (Minaret - a building that resembles the Inspiring Flag) and techs
  7. House of Sforza - Milan & Northern Italian units and techs
  8. House of Medici - Florence & Central Italian units and techs
  9. House of Savoy - Sabuabian & Croatian units and techs
  10. House of Tudor - English units and techs
  11. House of Stuart - Scotch units and techs
  12. House of Trastámara - Spain units and techs
  13. House of Rurik - Ruthenian & Russian units, building (Lavra - works similarly to the Mountain Monastery. Can train Monk) and techs
  14. House of Romanov - Russian units and techs
  15. House of Borgia - Papal State & Roma units and techs

My suggestions
1.Replace Dutch skirmisher with something unique and more aesthetically fitting for the civ.
2.Rocket ship as either a mercenary monitor unit or a unique british ship replacing the monitor.
3.U.S.S monitor as an age IV special ship for united states
4.Civil war era siege cannons as fixed cannon type buildings.
5.Unique Red coat unit for the british(all royal units for every vanilla civ becomes unique or more fitting.)
6.Unique cannon. for the french reflecting their advanced nature during the napoleonic wars.
7,Cour De Bois replaced with a unique french citizen that with the right card can become a special milita type unit that you can have without having to resort to revolting.
8.Cour De Bois is moved to a potential Canadian civ which will better reflect the colonial side of the vanilla civs the same way the united states and mexico reflect the colonial sides of the british and spanish.
9.Said Cour De Bois will then be paired with the english speaking “loyalist” settler which has different bonuses relating to mills and plantations while the french cour de bois will have bonus gathering rates for natural resources.
10.Scout units are different depending on their region. Tatar scouts for steepe maps, native scout for north america maps, eagle scouts for south american maps, little drummer boy for european maps, berber scout for northern african maps etc. This means france will start out with a different more realistic scout depending on what map they are at.

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I’m going to share it with the devs


Whether in the AoE2 or AoE3 thread, I always see your overzealous German/European stuff every time.

This game is not “Age of European Empire”, otherwise I might agree those so many and so detailed European maps and royal houses. Too much content doesn’t guarantee an effective improvement in the quality of the game. If there is such a large amount of content just in Europe alone, the content in Asia, Africa and America would be astronomical by the same standard.

For the new revolution option for the Germans, Poland is a good candidate. Poland also serves Swedes and Russians so it would be a very cost-effective update.

This is the most decent advice in this thread so far.
Justify special mechanics with unique units.


I’ve suggested that before.

I’d love the early Dutch Skirms to be ‘Calivermen’ using the Caliver (a more uniform, better produced Arquebus, somewhat between an arquebus and musket). Early Dutch armies used these along with some of the first examples of volley fire formations along with skirmish and light infantry roles.

Later upgrades to Calivermen could be Flanker which aesthetically turns it into Napoleonic Dutch Light Infantry (so the same role as the Calivermen previously)


Hopefully the next big patch in a few months does that. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if every royal guard unit that the vanilla civs have became unique units.


This one should be given to the Italians too, instead of the US. It’s more fitting since Venice and Genoa had Greek colonies, and the kindom of Italy had Rodes and the Dodecanese.


I have also done this. Though I did not suggest about adding the Calivermen as a unique unit for the Dutch but instead suggested that the Flankeur could be made into a unique unit.

The idea that I had in mind was that the Flankeur would function as a fast moving [Skirmisher] that would encourage a more aggressive play style, where they will have a chance to cause a critical hit against enemies. Not really that special but it is at least something worthwhile in the end.

Maybe the Dutch, Germans and the Swedes could also get the “Kartouwe” instead of the [Heavy Cannon] from the [Factory] building. The Kartouwe or the Quarter Cannon was a siege gun used in European warfare during the 16th and 17th century. This cannon was apparently developed from bombards and could shoot cannonballs weighing up to 24 kg (52 pounds) and a minimum of 20 horses or oxen were needed to move the Kartouwe.

(Kartouwe - Wikipedia)


Here are some things that I would like to see come true. :slightly_smiling_face:

I would love a rework for all the revolutions, I think they need a substantial improvement and follow the example of the new French revolution.

In case the developers find the above task impossible, I would like revolutions to be able to customize their decks, this way I could add cards that benefit revolutions in the long run.

New Civilizations.
I hope that this anniversary they announce a new civilization for the game.

Fix the incas once and for all! I’m tired of repeating the same thing! They are made to remind us of AOE2 and that was a bad idea, update them to the time of Tupac Amaru II .

I hope that soon they will be able to solve the synchronization problems and the errors caused by the most recent patch.


Fix the incas once and for all! I’m tired of repeating the same thing! They are made to remind us of AOE2 and that was a bad idea, update them to the time of Tupac Amaru II.

Agreed. But aside from the Incas, the Lakota does also need some changes specifically when it comes to their sieging methods. If the [Tribal Marketplace] is just mining with extra steps then same could be said about the [Charging Ceremony] which is just sieging with extra steps.

The [Charging Ceremony], originally called the [Fire Ceremony], should have never been the main method for sieging as the Lakota but instead been an alternative method for sieging. The disadvantages of using the [Charging Ceremony] greatly overweighs the advantages that it offers, by holding the player back economically. And it doesn’t help either that the Lakota civilisation’s default rooster of siege units are almost non-existent, they even have to send a card or research a technology to get access to their very first ranged siege option.

Developers of Forgotten Empires please give the Lakota some actual proper siege units that are not reliant on the [Charging Ceremony] for taking down structures.

Edit: I did create a post earlier this year where I shed light on the problems that the Lakota has siege wise and came with some suggestions: (About the siege capabilities of the Lakota civilisation).

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I can’t see that. Can you send screenshot?

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Great thanks You :blush::heart:

I’ll add more suggestions for this post in next weekend.


Maybe Germany could have a Krupp gun of some form.

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I’d love seeing more European maps (and maybe more royal houses) in the future, but every other continent is in much more need of new content than Europe.

I’d really like it if America (outside of the US) was split into more maps, that way we could have more minor civs for those areas, and also remove Mayas and Zapotecs from South America.


What should also happen is that the customization points need to become points not just for the Home City aesthetics but also other things as well like Explorer skins.

Maybe for Portugal as a Revolution as Macau?

Maybe Germany could have a Krupp gun of some form.

Like this one? This is the “9cm Kanone C/73” which was a field gun designed by the Krupp company and developed after the Franco-Prussian War (1870-1871).

This artillery piece would probably serve better as a replacement for the [Horse Artillery] than the [Heavy Cannon] for the Germans, but they could also have access to another Krupp gun variant that is larger and which would replace the [Heavy Cannon] for them.

Nothing is really set in stone in this discussion, but if the Krupp gun suits the Germans better than the Kartouwe then sure why not.

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