Suggestions for priority of mortar attacks:

In the new version, mortars have been added with the ability to attack units. I take no position on this. However, this also increases the amount of micromanagement the player needs to do with the mortar.

For example, in the classic game, the mortar is a sharp weapon for breaking through the enemy dense walls and quickly destroying military buildings in the stalemate situation in the late stage. We mainly produce 5-10 mortars, put them on the ground and let other units guard the mortars, and the mortars will automatically demolish enemy buildings for us.

However, in the new version of the game, the working logic of the mortar is to give priority to bombarding cavalry and infantry units with extremely low efficiency. If we want him to demolish enemy buildings, special care is required, which may be annoying.

In particular, I saw such a change in the last update article:

I thought maybe the devs could do the same thing with the mortar to restore it to its original siege efficiency.


In addition, in order to prevent some people from over-association, my above suggestion is only for the mortar, in order to restore its original siege efficiency. Let players be as comfortable as before in the chaotic late game.

I didn’t mention getting similar adjustments for the Basilisk. not at all.

unfortunately, the new mortar change means the euros and mortar-capturers must now suffer the same as the Asian/TWC civs have been doing for 16+ years. I agree with the post in a way, but also idk its kinda just wanting your cake amd eating it too

And this is the reason because I was against the change, it is one step back while mortars were the best in their job

Always has been annoying attacking a skirmisher instead of a wall gate with a sige elephant

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