[Suggestions] Here's my take


I have been playing this game for a few hours now and there are some features missing that are, imo, crucial for an AoE. I could not find them so far, but perhaps they already exist, so excuse me in advance.

  • Shift+Drag Box/CTRL+Drag Box to only select Military Units or Villagers: In AoE II, you could hold shift or CTRL while dragging a box over units to either select only military units or villagers. Why not here? It’s super useful.

  • OPTIONAL Hotkey for each Building: In AoE II, you could assign a specific hotkey to each building in the game. I find it plenty more useful to hit e.g. CTRL+M to access the Market directly instead of having to press the hotkey for all economic buildings and cycle through them until I get to the Market here in AoE IV.
    As it is optional, you may leave these keys for each building unassigned and continue to use the “select all economic buildings” hotkey, but since it’s an option, it would not hurt anybody. I personally would like to have it.

  • Town Bell: Yes, in AoE II (ugh), you could click the “Town Bell” key at the Town Center to automatically order all villagers around to garrison inside the Town Center and click the “Back to Work” key to let the villagers go back to work.

  • Show Queued Movements/Actions of a Unit: When selecting a unit, its queued actions or movement commands should be shown, like in AoE II.

  • Automatic Exploration with the Scout: A unit command for the Scout to explore the map automatically.

  • Aggressive/Defensive Stance on Military Units: Self-explainatory.

  • Free Player Color Selection: Come on, in 2021, I still have to play as blue all the time?

  • Individual Player Handicap: A feature that has just recently released in AoE II. It allows players to gain a boost to all economic and military units on a given percentage.
    A possible improvement would be to separate the economic boost from the military one so that the handicap boost isn’t forced on both aspects when set up, since it may be sometimes enough for one player to keep up when only his economic power is being boosted and a military boost would be too much.

  • Basically all of the AoE II Game Setup Options: Game Speed, Team Positions, Lock Teams, Shared Exploration. Options that allow us to customize a custom game more for our own specific needs. Options never hurt.
    I am aware that more options are already planned to be implemented, I just wanted to list a few here.

Don’t get me wrong. AoE IV feels smooth and I like to play it so far. But in many aspects, it feels unfinished and rather like a downgrade in Quality of Life matters, which is a sad thing. We all paid full price for it and you would atleast expect the same features, if not more, that a several-years-old predecessor already had implemented, wouldn’t you?

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Town bell? You don’t want to use that. But hey CTRL+SHIFT+V and G.

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The garrison options in this game are much better imo. The Town Bell can garrison vills you don’t necessarily want to garrison and honestly is more annoying and time consuming.

The hotkeys are so easy to use. Even if you don’t want to use the hotkey, selecting vills and garrisoning them is quite quick.

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Well, this one I give to you.

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You can select only vils by selecting everyone and then ctrl click vils in the group and only military by then shift clicking vils. So the functionality is mostly there. Admittedly it’s a click more. However, at least for me it’s not a high priority to get the old functionality back.

With the town bell I think the new system is much better. You only ever want to evacuate the villagers that are actually at risk. So it was considered an anti-pattern by many in Age II already. The new system encourages better plays in my view and if you really do panic, as @IRCketchUP says, use the all vil hotkey and garrison them.

The rest would really be nice :slight_smile:

Nice tip, thanks!

Would be nice nonetheless to do so with CTRL or Shift.