[Suggestions] Improvements for sharing a player with an AI

Hello. Early today I discovered that in a single player (and possibly multi, haven’t tested) game, you can replace player 1 with an AI. The thing is, you actually then share control of the player with the AI. I’ve tried a few games like this against another AI, and it’s actually quite fun. I do really wish though that the AI wouldn’t be so combative for controlling units and placing buildings though. Ideally, if there are idle villagers the AI can take control, but if the player tasks the vils to something the AI will let it happen. With military, the AI is allowed to direct idle military, or anything that hasn’t been selected for a while, but if the player starts controlling something the AI should let them. When the player deletes a building foundation or cancels a tech, the AI shouldn’t be able to requeue it for at least 5 seconds. It also needs to stop deleting my walls that I build for it. I don’t know if anyone cares, but it would be quite nice if this was added. What do people think?

It’s quite an underused feature, as it’s seldom discussed despite being in the game for a good while now. Maybe to work around the issue you could try and use taunts to convince the AI to change its army composition to what you want? Also the AI should learn to garrison units for healing or something because if you try to help it by garrisoning some idle military units the game will expelled them out of the building instantly.

Yeah, I was able to set the army comp, it’s more about the AI deletes the walls I make, refuses to accept me deleting it’s building foundations, and fights me for control of the micro regarding armies, which isn’t great, considering that it doesn’t even always try to micro.