[Suggestions] Jaguar Warriors Speed increase

Jaguar Warriors are slow for their name… Jaguars. I suggest giving them +0.2 speed and +1 pierce armor to buff the unit to be really a UU.

This i actually agree with. Jaguars do so much worse than champions against everything that isnt infantry, the name does lowkey suggest they should be faster. it wouldn’t be too big to give them +0.2 speed (Well maybe +0.1 or +0.15 at least). The pierce armor buff is too much tho.


Jaguars don’t need buff tbh, especially after the big tt reduction.

Well, there I disagree.
I think Jags are too situational for a good gold unit atm.
Maybe they are supposed to be only viable in certain special matchups, but the gold cost makes them somewhat strange to use against units which get a lot of their… agency… by being gold efficient.

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aztecas alraedy broken civ why buff their uu

We’ll know your bad winrate vs aztecs so calm down man

is oposite i abuse em myself cause how broken they are

Eagles walk too much for their name, they need to fly Kappa


cut their speed in half and call them penguin warriors 11


And what would those situation be? You basically never see them. As aztecs have very good champions, jaguars don’t provide anything additional to that with garland. And they cost less and can be made in barracks.

Lets ignore the warriors part?

Direct citation from Wikipedia

Aztecs believed the animal’s strengths would be given to them during battles.

ive also felt they needed a very slight speed increase in the past. jags are good in castle age, unlike many other UUs, but in imperial thier usefulness goes out the window.

slight increase in speed upon researching elite