Suggestions on improvement of AI

I would like to make the following suggestions regarding the AI of AOE series, in particular, the new AOE definitive edition:-

  1. The AI should set the attacking units to have higher priority in attacking enemy units than enemy buildings! As every experienced AOE player would do, we often need to control and adjust our units to aim the enemy units. It is very time wasting and unnecessary. In addition, in the case of human vs AI battles, the attack of AI can be effectively postponed by the walls built by humans, which is very non-sense but can be improved with the suggestion above;

  2. The cannon or its equivalent units should be set to attack the mass of infantry in priority; instead of buildings as suggested above and cavalry units;

  3. The AI should have priority in attacking enemy’s villagers and cannons or other such invulnerable and high damage enemy units once detected, subject to the respective bonus against those units;

  4. AI should run to the core town centre or the enemy troops once any part of the enemy’s wall has broken. They should not cease attacking pending to the total destruction of the enemy’s wall; and

  5. AI should take the advantage of its better multi-tasking ability to send and control various small groups of cavalry in raiding enemy’s villagers.

I hope that the above suggestions will help your team in improving the AI in the new games. Thank you.

Good thought, but this thread would be better put in the suggestion section, instead of this section, however very good suggestion on AI.