Suggestions on the best exclusives of the Spanish church

(PUP) Spain obtained great changes in its exclusive investigations of the church which are:

Royal Halberdiers (IV, Royal Decree To Claim The New World): Now also grants Halberdiers hitpoint regeneration and promotions.

Wild Geese (IV, Royal Decree To Claim The New World):

(AGE 3) Wild Geese: Send 12 Irish brigadier for 1500 food and improve their movement speed and melee attack speed
(Allows it to be trainable in the tavern)

(NEW) Walloon Guards: Restored the original Age 4 technology which is now called Walloon Guards and sends 14 Fusiliers for 3000c.

The change to the Royal Halberdiers seems good to me, but nevertheless the issue is that at age 3 Spain can investigate the 2 armies. I think it should be separated either because it is strong and because I think it would be a good opportunity to give Spain at age 2 more Options

Therefore, I propose that the “Wild Geese” army should be sent at age 2, so the costs and quantity should be less accordingly, so it should drop 750 food and send 8 brigadiers, it gets its speed upgrade and Enhanced Attack Speed has been removed… I’m not sure whether to keep the attack speed because it’s too OP or maybe I could get it at age 3

Note Spain: 9 Irish brigadiers can also be sent for 500 there is already an existing letter, so you could accumulate brigadiers, however the exclusive improvement of the church allows them to train and increases their movement and attack speed,


I think it was removed in the last patch.

You may be right and he is too strong at age 3 and would be better at age 2. But 8 brigadiers for 750 f is too cheap. Better cost 950 f.

In both ages it is a very good shipment.

In age II seems good, probably has an option with brigadiers + cav. Or add in archaic rush.

In age III is more viable for use than habeldiers for 1k wood, probably take 12 brigadiers first + 2 falcs is fast and strong. Or it might be easier to macro get the halbs out first… well, u can use both and yes, are good.

if they kept up the stats, yes, it would be quite strong to use brigadiers, from the church + the shipment.

I usually use them if I’m not going to ff, when using capitalism they are very easy to send, and thanks to the xp bonus from Spain the 9 brigadiers for 500c (400res…) seem like a decent send to me. More than for other civs.

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With this work of art of SealingEar046 would be happy

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