[Suggestions] Shotel Warriors nerf vs Meso Civs

Shotel Warrios are too good as a unit for the Ethiopian powerhouse vs Meso Civs. I suggest removing everybonus damage they have vs Eagles as they have already a quite high damage and basically train in an instant. Ethiopian deadly combo is unbeatable (a little exaggerated) for meso civs.

So why in ethiopians 5 worst matchups in 1650 + are two mesos? xD
actually this looks like a troll thread, and has quite high similiarity to a well-known troll that already has been banned multiple times in this forum.


I follow more Sandy Petersen line of thought: the game shouldn’t be balanced for the top players as they will be there regardless but for the majority of the people.

There are multiple reason why that might be the case:

  • The Ethiopian have a unbeatable combo but they need to get there first.
  • Usually top players play more archers than melee units in general, including shotel warriors and my concern here is that particular unit.
  • Nothing major here, just remove their bonus damage vs eagles as they already have 16 base damage. 6 more than knights.

you stated it would be unbeatable.
What comes nearer to check if that’s actually true to look for the winning records at higher level of play?
BTW thers is no elo where ANY meso civ takes a place in the top 5 of ethiopian winning records.

Looks like your argument is busted. period.


What comes near is to check how people at average level face shotel vs Meso.

Wow, period? I guess, we are done here. :joy:

:man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:
Omega :man_facepalming:
First Parthnan, then the Equalizer and his smurfs, then Deathcounter and now you cmon, I’m just resting for that endless balance circlejerrk, you man already tried to be as intense as the others cmon, and scared of the intended Shotel purpose, let me guess, you as a meso were ■■■■■■ up by a Shotel spam, period.


Well, i was there before all of them. Then i got inactive for quite a while. Yeah basically the incipt for this thread was that shotel literally shred eagles and they would still shred eagles with my nerf but a little slower.

btw shotel spam can be deadly to basically every civ.
You need to get intel if somebody does this noob basher strat and if he does, just spam your own units (except eagles ofc) and it falls apart.

Have you asked yourself why they have attack vs eagles to start with?
Because Ethiopians lack Champions and need such unit to deal with mesos lol


Lol Mayan Eagles are equally matched against Shotels.

Both die in 5 hits from the other

btw i just checked it, they get +2 attack bonus vs eagles at 16 resp. 18 attack… it’s neglible.

Shotels aren’t any better against mesos than other civs in the mid game, as mesos tend do make archers or monks there, which are deadly to shotels.

Shotels are noob-bashers. So just for anybodys information: if facing eth, just check if he’s making them in his castles and if he does, just spam your own military (archers are optimal but knights and monks also work well) and you are safe.

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Do you think champion have 20 attack vs eagles while having 1.32 speed? Shotels are better than militia line at dealing against Eagles, and i don’t want to take this away. Do you guys read carefully? I want to nerf their bonus damage because right now it is a massacre.

Also Ethiopians have knight line, even cavalier that can deal against eagles. Champions only fare good if they directly fight Eagles, not when they have .98 speed while eagles 1.46 speed.

Normal archers vs Ethiopians archers hmmmm.

Ahh yes rote is back spreading his ideas. Tell me. If shotels are so good vs meso civs, how come we don’t see pros using Ethiopians as a counter to meso civs?


maybe because mesos have counters to basically anything eth have?

I mean even the mentioned shotels are hard-countered by slingers, plumes and jags. And siege and archers are hard-countered by eagles…
Looks like mesos hard-counter eth actually xD

Man ethiopians dont have good cavalry, come on

I dont agree at all.
If you do that you basically have to nerf almos all infantry UUs alongside shotels and also probably nerf champions.
Whats the ethiopian deadly combo? Arbs + Shotel? You know all meso civs have good Arbs right? Incas even have slingers. Slinger,Skirm,Arb ■■■■■■■ destroys Shotel+Arbs.
You dont need eagles to counter shotels, nor should you make eagles to counter shotels. Just like you dont make eagles against champions. jeez

How do i use the monk effectively against them?

like against all UUs, just use your monastery to get some of them out and convert the UUs.
btw, with any monks strats, try to protect them. Best is ofc if you have them behind walls, but never overextend into monks as scouts are so effective in sniping unprotected ones.
So if you don’t have walls to protect them, you need a lot of military aswell.

Monks need a lot of micro to be effective, so I suggest at lower elos they aren’t really as effective.

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With El dorado, the broken tech? Yeah.

I already wrote, it is because they prefer archer units or cavalry units over infantry units when it is available.

Do you know what Ethiopian bonus are?

I didn’t say they have good cavalry but they have cavalry to counter eagles, further implied that the only thing they have to counter eagles are shotels, which isn’t the truth.

3 units combo destroy 2 units combo? You know Ethiopians have good siege? The problem isn’t making eagles to counter shotel, the problem is shotel countering them too easily.