Suggestions to add fun

I think our man EliteRifleman has a point with the current meta, but I honestly think a few smart changes in a patch could go a long way towards rebalancing the game. And then comes the UI changes to make game more communal.

  1. Nerf Barbary Revolt cheese.
  2. TC cost 600 wood again - a few posters have commented on this and I think it’s time.
  3. Slightly reduce Lombard and Hacienda hitpoints.
  4. Return of old PR system for hosted lobbies, keep ELO for quick search. Continue to list both for each player.
  5. Make it so friends list is available and so we can see who is in game or online.

For me, this would be an amazing state of game if it were all to happen. I think a lot of us have similar opinions on this, so I’m hoping we can help stir the pot a little if needed.
Thanks devs and everyone.


Though I don’t agree with all that EliteRiflemann says, I do agree with your points here.


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osea quieres que la hacienda que ya fue nerfeada vuelva ha ser nerfeada?

Antes: Tenia un goteo de 1 de comida y de 0,80 de monedas, ahora tiene un goteo de 0,50 de comida y de 0,31 de monedas

Antes: Tenia 5000 de hp, ahora tiene 3500 y recuerda que vale 600 de recursos que acaso quieres bajarle el hp a 2500 o 3000?

Estados berberiscos, si necesita un nerf, pero me gustaria ver de que tipo
cuando le nerfeen los puntos de resistencia a los jodidos bancos holandeses ya veremos si deberian de nerfearle el Hp a los lombards (los lombards valen 200 de recursos y tienen 3000 de hp los mercados solo 100 y tienen 2000 y estos se pueden construir de manera infinita)

lo demas esta bien

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Great auggestions.

This would go a looong way in giving that same feeling again for the game.

Just a comment on the PR ranked lobbies, to avoid kicking new players from hosted games, allow hosts to create a minimum PR option when hosting games.

Allow players to filter when searching lobbies only on games they meet the PR requirement

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Disagree with PR thing. Either make everything PR or everything ELO. Do not split the multiplayer community, do not make it easier / more fun to avoid playing on the ranked ladder. Even adding those casual ranks was a mistake, imo. The aim should be to funnel as many people as possible into the ranked quicksearch ladder, to keep it vibrant. Hosted rooms should be reserved for tourney games / practice matches with friends.


we could just categorise elo into some rank system. I agree that we should not keep spliting the playerbase. just have 1 system.

yes to friends

no to 600 wood tcs, I would rather just make age 3 siege options better. reduce falc/ ram cost so u can mass and clear bases faster is a better choice

Why not have both PR and elo? Need to convert a boring number into a rank level.

I agree that splitting community is bad and qs will eventually die if we switch to ranked lobbies for all.

But the problem for QS especially for teams in terms of fair and balanced games is probably too much for devs to solve.

Ppl that like to play teams like to have a bit of banter pre game while waiting. The way QS is designed right now is too robotic and staring at a timer for 5+ min and then landing on an unbalanced game is not fun


Give more advantages to map control:
→ Gives a real advantage to aggressive players (not necessarily rush)
→ Forces turtle players to go out

How ?
That a good question…

I think, we can improve trading posts control. Some proposals:
-Nearby capture for route trading posts too ?
-Trading posts cheaper ?
-Trade monopoly at age 3?
-Higher xp gain with natives?
-Higher resource gain with routes?

A rated lobby would be the solution to way more player and gaming expierence ! what they have did is maybe a cheap and easy soltuion but the current lobby is indeed trash.

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this convo has always come up and I will just state my position for the record

Rated lobby for teams -ok

Rated lobby for 1v1 -no

More?? You get extra army and resources, that would be enough to win

Make some huge buildings since Mexican DLC smaller and have fewer hps.

If you want to get the turtle players out of their base just reduce the number of hunts available as it was on tad or better yet vanilla, the meta will change radically but all this is impossible to happen so these are words that take the wind away.

mire las estadisticas de las haciendas y de las estancias y adivina que? tienen el mismo HP y valen la misma cantidad de madera, de que se quejan entonces si ya el goteo y el hp de la hacienda fue nerfeado hace tiempo?

En que momento me volví tan popular? 21

I haven’t had any problems with people turtling but I am very much against making trade post to good. They could be improved slightly to make them more desirable to invest resources in especially early. Maybe up the amount of XP they give you.

Personally, I agree with your proposals, I decided to start training more new members of my clan and play casually with friends and very occasionally ranked teams, these adhesions would make everything easier for my new purpose in aoe3. 19

oye elite, tu estas deacuerdo con que les nerfeen más el hp a las haciendas mexicanas? yo por mi parte no, ya que valen 600 de recursos y encima tienen el mismo hp que una estancia ( el cual es de 3500) pero la gente parece olvidar eso)

Nha, creo que está bien, no es muy difícil tumbar las haciendas, creo que ahora como están, es un edificio balanceado.

I am not against turtling, I’m against OP units.
Revolts should be a last ditch effort to change the tie, not ways to win 9/10 times.
And yes, TCs should cost even more wood than 600 if you ask me.
I would also nerf the Haciendas training time of units like Soldados and the outlaw that they make (Cuarteros or smth).

I would also rework the way that the units which shadow tech work. It’s unfair to be in a middle of the fight and get cleaned because the enemy has just hit Industrial and some of his units got an instant guard tech… The upgrade should remain free but it should be delayed (guard tech is auto queued and it lasts as an usual guard tech researched from the barracks).

If we talk about Ranked Game Mode, people should get extra items for completing 10 ranked games in any game mode per each week. That would encourage new users to get outside of the Casual Lobbies area.