Suggestions to make Japanese Dojos viable

Yeah those are good techs to use as well but I kinda think Immigrants is a very expensive tech and Japan doesn’t really benefit from the housing space so it would probably be a very late game tech to get. And on the wiki it sounds like units that spawn without resources (Heavy cannons, Ottoman villagers, Flying crows ect.) only train 5% faster and I assume that applies to dojos as well. Wiki could always be wrong though

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if auto create units shipped the units made to your shipment point it would already be a huge buff. as for dojo specifically, I’m in favor of a “Dojo Forged” take on the units with unique models and improved stats, with maybe a unique active ability. ashigaru with spear wall? yuumi with with a grenade arrow anti building ability? kensei with full move speed stealth?

Regardless I believe dojo should be buildable by default, with cards increasing the limit.

I think shipping it to your shipment point would be cool but it could also lead to op Daimyo/Shogun pops. For example you could have the dojos queue paused and ready to pop 10 ashigaru, ship 14 ashigaru, and have your shogun in the back of your enemies base training 10 flaming arrows to lead to a 24 musk 10 FA army pop out of thin air.

Units with abilities would be interesting. Though if the units are strong the spawn rate would probably have to be increased.

The dojo generates technically ~3.5-3.9 resources which would make it a bank basically, but better.

A banks standard gatherrate is 2.75 and with tulips card its 3.3, making the dojo “gather” better. Also a dojo technically “gathers” multiple resources at once. With the Age IV card its “gatherrate” is even ~5.7-6 resources.

Its more of a long term card, while 7 vills are a shortterm card. And thats part of the game, you have to make discissions on weather to take this card into your deck or not. The Dutch have a 1 free bank shipment, sure its not in age III, but who says you have to use your age II shipments imeadiatly, if you have a lot of important ones in age III?

daimyo abuse is something that would have to be tackled separately. you normally already have a daimyo or two with the shogun and achieve the exact same thing but faster, more repeatable and more consistent currently.

“Dojo Forged” units is to make the dojos seem more exciting and desirable over the current “free stuff vendor”. as long as dojos are boring and don’t do anything exciting I don’t see the point of their existence unless they are greatly outperforming other options. then it would just be an op but boring building.

make it do or give you something you otherwise cant get while also being very thematic of the building would go a long way to making the building more popular, even if it would require a nerf to batch size/times.

I am happy to hear those results. Do keep us updated.

The first batch of units are owned faster. I think it’s worth it.
The wonders of China don’t even have the technology to accelerate training.