Suggestions to make Ports more interesting

Se encaixaria perfeitamente como uma remessa da Igreja ou Cartão de Mercenários, representaria bem inclusive os nobres aventureiros armados com montantes.

Sinto que tanto Portugal como Espanha deveriam compartilhar ao menos uma carta chamada União Ibérica, que fornecesse um pequeno grupo de soldados combinados das duas civilizações.

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Havent played for a while, xbows getting a rifle is almost enough to get me in again but not enough.

Same, they did something but not really much, guess its because they are working on AoM retold. Hopefully we will get more after it’s release :pray:.


Realmente, ¿qué tan diferentes deberían ser los Montantes de los Lansquenetes o los Dopplesoldners?

Na realidade deveria apenas ser um Lansquenete com uma skin única, e claro falando em português ou castelhano.

¿Tienes alguna imagen específica en mente?

Heavy armour and less flamboyance.

Also voice lines.


I can offer my Spanish musketeer:

But I’m not very convinced


Does look the part. I like it.

I really hope AoM:Retold has a great launch. I think it’s the one game that’ll get ridiculous high traction when it releases. Hey, we might even get a sequel that isn’t e-sport bait like AoE4.


Going with the recent trend of Euro civs getting a reskinned, much more accessable Merc unit, historically tied to them, I can’t believe I never saw the possibility of this. It makes so much sense!

Reskinned Landksnechts with a more conservative, armoured look (as in the below image) but still brandishing a two-hander (Montante in this case) would be great. Call them Fidalgos as they were gentlemanly (but reckless) adventurers. They’re just about fine tagged as mercs due to them mainly being self-funded and were there (Asia/Americas) for the riches.


Yeah, I’ve been trying out Ports’ new changes and, personally, I don’t like them. It’s an overall nerf, which I agree was needed for the OGs but I hate the rest. I honestly prefered the old Ordenança Tech (I really didn’t care if the Xbows didn’t have a stupid rifle or not) than what we have now, since Ports don’t need another Light Infantry Rifleman unit (maybe a Counter Skirm). If this is the only thing they’re doing with Portuguese, it feels pretty awful, this thread turned into a serious “monkey paw” moment.

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They could also have a special ability where they will perform a sword technique that is associated with the montante, which will have a special effect. The [Landsknecht] has the “Oberhau” ability.

I found this video on YouTube where a guy shows these sword techniques known as “Figueyredo’s 16 Simple Rules” for the montante sword which was composed by the Portuguese fencing master Diogo Gomes de Figueyredo (1600 - 1685).

Maybe this video or another source concerning montante sword techniques could serve as inspiration for an ability that they could have.



Would it make sense to Mak e Caça dores only available on Imperial age with the new xbows rifles?

Only if Caçadores would be stronger,I think

please god dont give me xbow, a 2k food unlock for a slightly better xbow, and then no cass till age5. please for the love of all faro music and Farinheira no. plz we suffer enough

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No, because I don’t think Caçadores are an issue. The fact that the devs have been forcing this new comp for Ports for the Industrial Age of Xbow/Pike together with Organ Guns (I guess they are rolling it back a bit) is the bigger issue, imo, because Ports late game economy is actually pretty strong and, therefore, doesn’t need to switch out Caçadores for Ordinance Riflemen. Putting Caçadores in Imperial would just be nerfing them to the ground.


I think Ports having a tiny miniscule but very optional melee Perk would work in their favor. Like how Germans dont really need Landwehr but have them anyway.

If Fidalgos are to be implemented. Personally i would have Hussars transform into Fidalgos. Heavy cavalry with slightly more coin cost. But have a higher melee attack and movement speed.

Or an upgrade/card that Gives their Halberdiers more Range resist outside of cover mode.

But just to be fair for these perks. They all come at a cost whether its a card or a small amount of resources and it will not affect the overall way Portugal plays. Portugal staying a ranged powerhouse with Cassador-Dragoons is fine but a new mix up with these melee suggestions wont make them broken.


Ye would like to see the Explorer with a montante, a card for some fidalgos/aventureiros, and a wee buff to halberds.


personally, i think having the new rifle unit be a counter skirm would be more interesting - and it would play into ports having poor cav. This would give the new unit a district role instead of direct overlap with cassadores, and open up their playstyle a bit beyond just culv/cass/goon