Fan of age of empires going back to age of kings, im actually really enjoying IV so far despite it being a little bare bones in terms of content. so far i just have a small handful of suggestions that i feel would improve the game somewhat.

  • lower the default unit chase distance or improve stand ground. I find that in general units will pursue fleeing enemies too far, maybe make the stance toggle stick even after giving units a move order because currently i get really annoyed having to constantly tell units to move then order them to stand ground over and over again.

  • make fire arrows an active ability for archers, instead of a passive upgrade. seeing all your archers constantly using fire arrows just looks silly and takes me out of the game. i think if the base upgrade was a bit cheaper but required you to time your use of it for maximum impact it would be a lot more interesting, combining it with arrow volley as longbowmen etc

  • add nomad option to the game (maybe its already in there but i couldn’t find it)

  • give english spearmen in the dark age. i don’t want to break the balance of the game but to me this just makes no sense. the idea of any civ not being able to muster up guys with pointy sticks just seems laughable, i totally get the goal is to create asymmetry but im not a fan of this in particular. also ive read elsewhere that the early man at arms could potentially be seen as a negative as you actually have to pay resources to get them up to the level of other civs men at arms in the feudal age, curious if this is something the devs have taken into account

thats all ive got for now

I view this as a positive for the English. Feudal MAA aren’t typically an ideal choice and England gets to start with upgraded spearmen due to this for free. England typically peaks in feudal with a comp of spearmen/longbow and already have some of the strongest defenses in the game.