[Suggetions] Vikings Eco

It is known that it is maybe a bit too powerful, like khmers, especially in the new EW mode. My suggestion for a slight nerf would be to make wheelbarrow ONLY, free but that requires still the researching time. Hand cart would be instantly researched after wheelbarrow has been researched and the player is in Age 3.

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actually i think both wheelbarrow and hand cart need to be researched but only wheelbarrow could be enough even if i think not especially in ew

Vikings get 3 bonus with the tech, 3 vills lead and better vills immediately and all of this for free, saving also some resources.

Might be even too harsh what i suggested, maybe reduce time of wheelbarrow so it takes as much as 1 vill time to complete instead of 3 vills time.

Handcart they need it to not fall too behind early late as they don’t have much going on for them at that stage.

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wheelbarrow and Handcart are researched instantly rather that no cost, enough for a nerf.

both are not strong when playing archer i don’t see a lot of cases when wheelbarrow will be researched feudal and hand cart castle age if only no research time , for free it’s strong because you basicaly get a farm’s bonus well for free and backing ur vills to tc more easily

It is not like Vikings are really OP. They winrate is pretty much equal to 50% (just a little bit higher, but nothing special). If you look at the map Arabia, which is the main focus of the balance changes, then you also see nothing really special. This is true for all ratings and for only 1650+ rating as well. Also it is the same over the latest patches. Nothing really indicates this civ is too good and needs a nerf.

I much agree, this bonus is much stronger for EW games, but i dont really have many statistics about that game mode. Currently the ladder isnt also fully set. So many games are just determined by skill and as result civ doesnt matter. Current winrates at EW doesnt really say much for that reason (if they exist somewhere).

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