Suicide Ships OP

Suicide ships are unbalanced with… The opponent can only dominate the game with suicide ships without producing any army… There was no such thing in Age Of Empires 2… Please fix it

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It’s quite easy to counter with springalds/bombards. I think most of the highlight clips of this are due to players not understanding/respecting the threat having not seen it before. I can’t imagine DeMuslim will fall for that again.

Maybe the blast radius is a little too big right now but they need to remain an effective counter to hulks on water maps.


I feel like demo ships should be water only.

I’ve been playing ostler land maps though, so not entirely sure.

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In a game I played today, the enemy killed about 100 paladins and my archer shooting flaming arrows with only one suicide ship… It’s complete nonsense… What can I do when an enemy sends dozens of suicide ships, even if it’s Springrats? The man in front of me defeated me with only a siege cannon and a suicide ship… and on a map with only a river…

Absolutely… Exploding ships kill land units from 1 mile away… I don’t think such advanced explosives were invented in the 1500s…

Don’t leave 100 knights standing on the water crossing when your opponent has docks… kill the demo ships from range before you step onto the crossing.

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Sound advice. I think the problem is in the imaginative part of the game.

We can imagine a demo shop sailing into a fleet and “boom” fleet deleted. There is a context to that.

I don’t think a bunch of mounted knights ever crossed an indestructible bridge, saw an explosive laden demo ship, and thought “good thing this bridge won’t blow up” before being cancelled from life.

It just doesn’t make sense even in game. If a massive army all died, how does the stone bridge feel nothing?

I’m on team “fix demo ships vs land”

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I hope this imbalance is corrected. I don’t want our enjoyment of the game to be thrown away like this. A suicide ship cannot destroy an entire army in a few seconds. Unacceptable…

It would normally be ok, however the imperial demo tech is bugged and the aoe is like triple what it is supposed to be. Big demos was always a hype moment in aoe2, but the range right now is super broken.

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I agree with you. thank you.