Sultanat and two minor visual improvements + two short questions

hi! i don’t know if someone already adressed this (couldn’t find it in the latest topics) and i don’t know if devs are reading this here or someone can send this forward to them but:

i recognised in the latest livestream with the Delhi Sultanat that:

  1. the elephants lack a decent, good visible melee animation (which even egyp elephants 20 years ago had)
  2. Infantery which can built stuff in the DS (which is a damn cool idea) should not just stand there with their weapon and “channeling” the building but in fact switch to a hammer or something like Ulfsarks also already did 20 years ago.

I also understood that:

  • elephants with bowmen have less armor and less hitpoints than elephants with just a speerman. it also looked like speerman-elephants are quicker than bowmen-elephants. My opinion about this: i think it is (would be) GREAT if the speerman-elephant is quicker cause it simply carries less. But i think the bowmen-elephants should really have same or even more hitpoints than the speerman-elephants. sorry but this would simpy just make much more sense. that they have less armor tho is totally fine for the price they have a range attack.

about the rus: i hope they will feel - beside visually - gameplaywise differently than the french since they seem to have much in common with those. i also would like to know if the Streltsy have not only a range but also melee fight opportunity i would love to see a flexible unit like this and it would fit rus very well in my honest opinion.

something short about the HRE: shouldn’t they get more bonused for keeps/forts? do they? i mean germans are well known for their great old medieval forts and craftmanship. i am quite certain i missed something here ? just curious maybe someone can help me out here