Summa summarum

Since I have AoE on xbox and I cannot test myself (thanks for answers):

Prelates are not fixed right?

Infinite resources by wonder-cancel still viable right?

Springalds (the most OP unit of whole medieval era) are untouched right?

Did I miss something which makes game still unplayable?

People say prelates are fixed.


Oh nice at least this …

But wake me in a middle of 2022 after all of this will be fixed:

  1. BUILD CANCEL res. exploit

  2. Springalds (which they are monitoring as they said - wuhahahahah)

  3. Abbasid tech. stacking

  4. Yoling fire lancers tearing down landmarks within 10s

  • worth of mention - in game communication, separate MM for arranged/randoms in TG

Only after this I will consider a game to be PLAYABLE :slight_smile: