Summer challenge can't be accomplished

it seems that the summer challenge can’t be accomplished. I used that three civil against Ai in 1v1 but after winning ai with this 3 civils I still found challenge not finished. and I got some other people having the same problem.
is there a problem?


I experience the same issue. No idea why. I tried with the scenario editor afterwards and it still didn’t work.

You know you need to do the first challenges first, before you can do the next challenge (which unlocked the next day)?

Same issue. Won with Berbers both against AI and in a ranked 1v1. No unlock

I have tested myself: I also have this issue. So please ignore my previous post :slight_smile:

I did a 7v1 against AI as Berbers and didn’t unlock the first achievement but I didn’t kill any units. I did it again and killed one of their units with a tower and got it.

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I just tried. Won as Berbers against AI. Still not working.

For me the first try (rigged scenario I have set up, where I win almost instant) did not work. The second try (standard game vs standard AI, used settings that the game tells you to use, therefore wincondition standard) also did not work. So I made a third try with easiest AI, wincondition conquest and tht time it worked

All games were played as Ethopians.

Maybe that helps you guys, maybe not, I do not know.
But since these challanges are here the most difficult thing is to figure out what settings you have to use in order to get the achievement. Maybe there could be a button: “start game with required settings” for this type of event?

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If you go to the event, you can click on ‘Lets go’. It will alter the settings. My guess would be: That are the settings you need to use. Turns out: You cant get the achievement.

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conquest didnt do the job either for me.

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I got it finally :slight_smile:

You have to immediately leave the game and not stay on the map. At least it worked this way in SP skirmishes.


that’s… I killed ai by 70+ units and still can’t unlock it

thank you! I will try it

when you won a game (Victorious), just click the button “Leave Map” instead of “return to map”. Then, you’ll achieve the challenge.


hmmm, I got it when I used the settings the challenge gave me, which is coastal, easiest ai, 144x144.

Same, didn’t get the trophy

Works! Thank you…

The challenge doesn’t work as intended. I can’t get the win even after winning multiple times with the civs listed.

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Did you search at the forum to see if there is already a thread about this issue? Seems not.

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Mods will move it there, don’t worry. I checked just with the similar threads automatic search but it found nothing.