Supplies Tech ... what if?

Infantry units cost -15 food.

Buff to all Infantry UUs, some of them belong to strong civs like Vikings, Japanese, Goths, so big 2

in theory sounds great but some of them don’t need a buff, like Berserks, Huskarls, etc.

also, Spear Line and Eagles definitely don’t need to be cheaper on the food end.


Some units would need to be affected less while some would need to not be affected at all. You would end up with a tech which description would prob end up very unclear to the point people would need to refer to the wiki every time just to understand a very basic effect.


Thats already the case for tons of techs, parthian tactics being a prime example of exactly this.

Btw. Goths dont get supplies, for the ones saying that would be a problem.
If spear line was affected it would be too cheap.
i think, just go the parthian tactics route and include samurai and jaguar warriors in the food reduction.

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except parth is easy - cav archer is +4. cav archer UU is +2. and everything gets +1/2 armor

do jags need another buff after literally just having 40% of there TT shaved off?

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It’s true but supplies would lead it over the top. For instance throwing axemen shouldn’t be affected at all because they are a very different unit from champs, Berserks shouldn’t either because they are so good. Karambits should receive minus 5 because they are an half unit, Woads would get 10 at best, maybe some other units would end up with -7… It would be too much of a mess.


True forgot the buff to jaguars.
Honestly i would only like it for samurai. They already are more expensive champions that dont have anything else going for them than bonus damage against unique units, and how often do you encounter a unique unit that you can fight with a champion anyways? They only are good against the UUs of other infantery civs, as cavalry unique units almost never are trained anyways.


well i think Samurai should be buffed period, I’d rather an actual buff to them. give them a little more speed and maybe +1 normal +2 elite attack.
i don’t think the price should change given they can be trained in literally 9 seconds period.


With keshiks and leiciai this changed but then the problem is that halbs are better to fight them… Only UU that maybe would be worth answering with samurai are konniks because only them can deal bonus damage to both forms but let’s be real most players will find it more convenient to field halbs+arbs…


I assume you mean leitis? Yeah, well they will never be trained now against an archer civ such as the japanese anyways. Keshiks with their high pierce armor much more so. Samurai are good against skirms, so in that case they would be worth training. But yeah, i guess nobody will overinvest into a unique melee unit against japs anyways, so being affected by supplies will not do too much in those situations and make them a worthwhile replacement for the champion in other situations


This tech is to promote the use of swordsman in Castle and Imperial age. If other infantry also get buff, swordsman will have nearly no place after Feudal Age.

Please, make my Huskarls cheaper…

Hell no… Halberdiers are already among the strongest units in the game. You’re basically reducing their food cost by almost half. They’ll become cost effective against everything. Imagine the buff Slavs will get (who also just happen to get supplies for free) with Druzhina and their insane food economy.

goths dont get supplies


Honestly I think their attack is fine as they attack 33% faster than other UU infantries. I also want to give them speed, maybe even more than Berserk and Huskarls but their very very short TT might make them a bit stronger than its cost.

So do their champions though, which has lower HP, but higher DPS and higher bonus damage vs both buildings and eagles. The champions also cost 10 gold less and 15 food less with supplies.
You just almost never have any incentive to play Samurai. They arent even much cheaper to upgrade. Champions cost 1825 ressources while Elite Samurai cost 1905, while non elite Samurai are comparable to long sword man.

Nice. Slavs needed a good buff :wink:

Love the idea of more samurais, but I don’t think they are the problem, you can buff them but it won´t change much. knights are just a better option in every single way and archers works very well against inf.

trust me i understand this, samurai still have there time and place though, we actually saw them in the recent 2v2 tournament. russia vs germany