Supremacy Balance Updates

yeah hausa changes are weird, their current strong point is due to age 2 pressure and timing with the raiders.

you can just nerf the coin you get from songhai to like 200 or something to make it match the governor age up from euro civs

tbh i dont know how much current hausa strength is just other civs getting nerfs cause the civ has barely for like 3 patches and it was considered bad last patch

if we still think is too strong then further nerfing the Songhai Raid button, either the cooldown has to increase or the cost increases ( though cost is might be too much of a tempo killer)

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Ottomans totally and completely OP right now. From 5 min your base is flooded with men and you can’t even move.

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Updated Version since we STILL haven’t gotten a much-needed balance patch:


Due to other nerfs and global changes, Malta needs to have some nerfs reversed altogether:

  • Revert 2% XP nerf
  • Buff Age IV Sentinel Card: Retain 2-pop muskets, however Increase stats by 50%, increase cost by 35% only, and increase range by 2 (keep the +2 LOS intact).
  • Reduce cost of German Tongue by 25w to 425w.
  • Buff Auberges card by also decreasing the train time of Commandry units by 10%.


Slightly slow across the board. New changes were welcome but did not help balance and were underwhelming.

  • Change the starting five 100f crates to one giant 500f crate. Helps very slightly and only very early game.
  • Decrease villager cost to 255f, putting each villager cost to 85f. Scaling for this is minimal.
  • Increase Poruchnik base HP by 15 to 135 so they scale better for their cost. CM breaking point unaffected.


  • Increase kill bounty of both Explorers to 60 XP.
  • Increase time it takes to revolt by 3 seconds.


Azap rush is officially a cheese rush that is too powerful too fast and a no-brainer opening due to their speed, range, and siege combo in one unit and just how fast so many of them can be made and afforded early game.

  • Increase cost of first settler upgrade to 75w.
  • Increase Azap train time by 3 seconds.
  • Increase Azap cost by 5f.
  • DecreaeAzap siege damage by 1.
  • Reduce Azap ranged resist to 10%.


Still an absolute powerhouse despite recent changes (buffs mostly cancelled out the nerfs).

  • Increase house cost by 5w.


Also still a powerhouse despite changes.

  • Increase cost of village by 5w.


Fort Spam.

  • Retain ability of architects to build forts, but add 200w 200c cost to Forts built by architects. This makes Forts have a 66% discount rather than being for free.
  • Double the build time of forts, so instead of taking 16 seconds with full architects and freemasons, have it take 32 seconds.
  • These changes will keep the strategy open as an option but make it more punishable.


  • Increase cost of French Immigrants Card by 25w
  • Increase cost of Dutch immigrants Card by 25c.
  • Increase cost of German Immigrants Card cost by 25w.
  • Increase XP bounty for killing explorer to 60xp.


  • Reduce Songhai benefit to 200c

I’d like to see sentinels as 1 pop and similar to ashi but less. I would Increase its food cost to 70f-40c (10f less than ashi) and increase +5 hp to 160 hp (10 less than ashi). The aura bonus nerfed to a flat 10% (no 7.5% to 15% bs) att and hp near allied buildings and with card near enemy bldg. The rocket card would also need to be nerfed so it’s not too broken. No 45% increase in food or att and hp now it just gives you +2 range and los with the rocket shooting at 16 range with a slight buff to its base dmg from 18.4 to 20. This way the rocket ability is buffed and won’t break the game unless the people want it lol I guess a 101f and 67c at 1 pop isn’t too broken. My idea for it, is that it acts like a lesser version of an ashi since it basically is rn with the aura applied but 2 pop :confused: … but obv the rocket card would change that :wink:

I like your idea of buffing poruchiks, only problem is treaty. Rn they have 462 hp 57 att fully decked out at 90 resources… my idea is to buff them in a way where treaty isn’t too broken. Imo buff the training amount from 4 to 5 and since they are 25% cheaper to halbs I suggest they should be 25% less stats as well (rn they are 40% less stats). 25% less than halb is 150 hp, 27 siege, and 21 attack, remove the age 3 card which gives them 15% hp and 10% aura since it’s already buffed in age 2. I would also lump poruchiks, Cossacks, and srelets into boyards and revert back to 15% att and hp same with the first regiment card or whatever but buff it to 15%. Rn Russia can actually keep up with other civs in terms of eco, I think they are fine. The better suggestion would be to just give them villy cards. Overall I think buffing poruchiks to replace age 2 musk is a better idea and could be viable especially if we buff halbs to 4.5 speed

As for azaps, they should be more in line with pikemen since they are 90 resources vs 80 resources. My suggestion is to nerf its 20% range resist and melee resist to just 10% melee resist like a pike. Nerf it’s siege to 20 and it’s multipliers vs ranged cav to 2.5 and 2 to erk to match the 40 dmg they do in melee, also adjust its melee bonus to shock cav to 3 from 4 since shock cav are inherently weaker than regular huss.


Coincidentally i do the same too

If you want to combine NOR and Boyars I’d leave it at +10% hp/attack. It would boost Strelets, Cossacks, Opri, Cavalry Archers, Rekurts, and Porks. I’d still call it Boyars and revert it to the old icon, at least that way it shows an infantry and a couple cavalry units.

Imo that would be a good change. The game was balanced around it being a really good card for a long, long time. 10% on basically everything is better than 15% on a few things, though it’s a bit weaker early on.

For china although yes adding +5 wood cost would help, in my opinion they should change the following:

-village cost more wood (180 → 185)
-nerf the porcelain tower trickle in age III by 0,5 (4,0 → 3,5)
-reduce the attack range of the meteor hammers by 1 (4 → 3)
-give the meteor hammers more hp (217 → 237)
-revert the arquebusiers dmg nerf

Right now Age II Chu Ko Nu deal the same dmg as Age III arquebusiers. No reason to build them at this point as they are this bad.

Additionally what I already talked about in other posts split the war academy into 2 buildings so no banner armys spill over into the castle.

-All 4 age II armys buildable in a “Banner Camp”
-All 4 age III armys buildable in a “Banner Garrison” (Available from age III obviously)

Now the Chinese player can only start building his age III units when his Banner Garrison is build which slows down is tempo. If you want to nerf it further just make the Banner Garrison cost 250 wood.

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