Surgeons should be made more available

They are not that impressive units to cost a card.

I think the advanced surgeon card should either get a massive improvement (eg ships a field hospital wagon), or simply become a tech with mission fervor as a prerequisite.


Maybe increase healing and allow healing to happen during fighting too


Just in terms of straight up resource balance, I’d agree with shipping a field hospital. As an Age 2 card, it should give 600-700 resources. Surgeons are ~200c? each and then field hospital is another 150-200w? I so rarely build the things I don’t recall their exact cost.

I wouldn’t change their healing value. It’s already +50% of the standard priest, and the field hospital is an area heal which is quite powerful.

I would love to see the developers add a hospital card, I think they could work as a replacement for churches, but give us a little more experience.

Dreaming doesn’t cost anything. :slightly_smiling_face:

Also, why FH dont heal ally units??


Even if they ship a hospital wagon together with surgeons the card is still not good.

Healers are not very useful in this game. They are only useful to heal expensive mercs and artillery.

Only way that I see this card being somewhat playable is if gives a bonus that synergizes with mercs play.

I still don’t see a reason to send them as a card, priests usually do good enough at healing considering how useless healing is most of the time anyway and sending a unit card in age 2 is way more useful than a field hospital that has an army standing around it doing nothing. Surgeons just seem like a useless unit in general.

One of the biggest unpopular feature of Aoe3 is healers and Surgeons, they need a change to be overall more useful.

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considering they how far they had to nerf the Abuns that is probably not going to happen

They should be available right with the church upgrades card. Add new techs and of course, the surgeon.