Surprisingly, nobody found Italy (only one civ) dlc isn't a good idea

For reason, i find only one civ dlc is Italy isn’t a good idea.
Italy should be in europe expansion with the polish–lithuanian commonwealth because we haven’t europe maps and europe war from historical battles. This makes the best attention for both most civ wishes from AoE3 fans. Morocco, persia, brazil or etc is fine for one civ.

Any thoughts?


I know it’s not going to happen, but I would really like that if the new civilization is Italy, that it be added to the base game, as well as Sweden and Incas. I mean, we’ve practically been waiting for him for 16 years like sweds. Although well, it will probably be paid, but if it is a single European civilization it would be excellent if it is for the base game.


Maybe because it isn’t a bad idea? Just saying…
On the contrary it could be a great idea to release italy as one civ DLC, to see if the players might be interested in more euro civs, and then make a african kingdoms style DLC with both danes and poles, and some nice historical battle about that area, like the great nothern war and similar


Here’s what I think it’s going to happen…

-We will get a major expansion soon-ish featuring Italy and another european civ(Danes or Poles, likely) with some new maps, mercs and allies.

-Next, a few months later we will get another american civ as a stand-alone DLC. I would expect it to be either Brazil or Gran Colombia.

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I see you have a good point, danes is an excellent civ for AoE3 timeline.


I wonder what the sale numbers are actually like. I see people playing USA more than I see the African civs, and I rarely see Mexico.

Los africanos hace poco no se vieron mucho debido a un bug que les hacia pésimos al iniciar el juego (tenia que ver con el mercado ganadero) pero se veían muchísimo los hausa y etíopes la verdad.

Yeah I stopped due to the bug with the market, back now laming hausa though.


I think we’re gonna get a Euro DLC with Poland and Denmark. Italy as a single civ DLC doesn’t rule out a larger Euro DLC later on.

I don’t think we’re gonna get anything bigger than African Royals.


acho que não haverá outra civi falantes de espanhol

Because USA civ is free from reward when you beat 50 States challenges.

I hope so, it would be lame to just make Italy to “cover” Europe and close the door for Denmark and Poland.
It better not end that way.

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I don’t think people would continue to play a civ they don’t like just because it was free.

I disagree, a steady trickle of support keeps people interested in the game and attracts new people. In the future, if they add more European DLCs like Prussia, Poland, or Denmark, they can bundle the separate DLCs together after the fact.


I agree with the OP. Persia (maybe Morocco, Egypt, Brazil) should definitely come as a one-civ DLC, Poland-Lithuania deserves an “Euro spot” together with Italy.