Surrendering teammates should not be granted Victory record if their team ends up winning

I just survived a grueling 4 v 1 as a new player cause all 3 of my teammates quit 6 minutes into the match.
Only reason I didn’t lose was cause Intermediate Ai aren’t that bad and it was Mountain Pass.
(2022/07/15 - Mountain Pass - Standard 4 v Ai - Ahori0 - if you wanna see)


Those 3 quitters should NOT get the ‘Victory’ conclusion in their match history/record.

This is not the 1st time, or the 10th time this has happened, just the worst so far.
It’s hard to see if someone is a serial quitter if their teammates end up clutching the match imo.
Though I suppose one can always hide their match history.

Point is, people who are ‘unsportsmanlike’ for a lack of better word should be identifiable.
I’d rather get a match queue penalty for quitting during match making.


Maybe against AI.
But i dont think so against players.

I often play with friends. And they dont mind if i have to quit early due to reasons.

But also in not interested sitting and doing nothing in a team game unable to do anything because my TC got smashed and i have no vills and none of the teammates get to repair my TC.


I agree, I’ve had people quit so early that I think some people join games with no intention of playing, they’re happy to gamble that the remaining players will get them the win. I had a teammate once who collected a few sheep, took his scout to my TC, then left the game. And it’s now even harder to win 1v2/3/4 because you can’t wipe the AIs out one by one unless you invest something in securing the destroyed bases as you move along. I’m impressed you found a game of 4v4 against Intermediate AI though! Queue times can be very long for any difficulty other than Hardest, so a lot of people queue against Hardest even if they’re not good enough to beat it 1v1.

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Pvp some of them want to drop their elo and our getting smashed so it is bound to happen. Player vs AI? Does it even matter if you win? Its the replay is a victory? I dont know if I mind because my teamatte was rushed early in a match and quit instantly, I for one love being rushed so I am unlikely to quit until they get me significantly damaged. Dissapointing sure but he did get caught with panties down because of premade vs random so I decided to play it out and won a 2v1 and the opponent also said. I cant wait till China gets nerfed. I didnt even go to Imperial so that was interesting the wouldnt accept that they had no skill passed a rush lol. Thats why you shouldnt quit nor blame your teamattes. I saw a similar game where Beasty’s teamatte called him a noob in randoms and he won 2v1 haha. My teamatte just left. I hope he saw that win. I can barely play 2v2 because its awfully unbalanced my teamattes often times dont even seem close in elo and my opponents might suck also but are premade. Cant force people to play losing games tho because that would have its own problems with teamattes refusing to quit to ruin your record against you. Hiding all over the map.

This is a tough question but trying to balance this is like trying to ask them for a random ranked team battle that is seperate from the ability to do premade and stomp players in any team games. Im curious to see how games would play out without. I hope they put something in place to clean up and add value in playing certain ways. Maybe a FFA ranked ladder seems obvious to get these things but we dont. Tournaments in game.

Can’t do that without hurting those with a legitimate reason for leaving.