Survey Error

First of all, thanks to all the people working in this community

‘’ You have encountered the following errors:

  • There was a problem logging into steam. Please Try again’’

I did the insider sign up a couple weeks ago, but I wanted to change my e-mail so I don’t miss the invite.
I had to do the survey again and after i loged into my steam account this error occurs.

Tried a couple times already.
I love age of empires II and I really want to take part in the tests.



I have the same problem


Check link below. Worked for me

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Thanks for the help but nothing of this steps worked for me maybe in 25h but i doubt it

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I also got this error but when I looked at my profile I noticed it was alrady synced

Seems like the error is a bit bad when you’ve already got a steam account linked, the system kind borks even though the back end is actually linked properly

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You might be better off submitting the survey with eerythign else properly, then going back into your profile to check if you have steam linked or not

What does not work

  1. Going through survey and trying to link
  2. unlinking steam account and going through survey to link

What DOES work

Going directly to your preofile to link your steam account

It really feels like the survey has aproblem with detecting your steam profile is linked. Just going to your profile page works 100% of the time


Thanks for the help. My steam profil was linked like you said. I unlink it know and do the survey again to finish it.
Maybe the Admins should pin this so others can find it.

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It kinda feels like the survey is basically broken for the steam part

Seems better to just skip taht, do the reset of the survey, then link the steam account later.

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