Suspended account due to other player quit

I host a random team map on ranked queue. When i had map, someone quits and i had to re-queue.
However, the system has a bug and tells me i had to wait for few hrs before i can re-queue. It is not my mistake but someone else in my team cheating by stopping the app. Why the penalty comes to the host party person? It is a hugh bug

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penalty comes to everyone who leaves before 5 minutes ingame timer. that’s how it is. even in 1v1

That is why recently so many new accounts due to this suspension. The skill level is not matched well because experienced player now queuing low ELO games. It is a big bug lol

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My understanding was that if someone alt F4 before the game starts you don’t have to re-queue. Maybe you left the queue to re-queue is what caused them to think you dodged too? Also hours suspension is not a first offence so something else has happened before too no?

If the game had already started you can’t leave until 5mins as someone else already stated.

I neither endorse nor condone this system.

I don’t do alt-F4, some teammate did so and i had experience cannot pick civil too. Then the app crashed and I receive penalty too. It is a bug very obviously. The detection of quit map has issue, and this penalty should be limited up to 1 to 2 hrs only.

This game often see bugs, the maintenance lack sustainability. I think the penalty is good to threat cheating. However, it induces many player to create new account to skip the penalty, making the game totally not balanced.

My game did not start at all when someone jumps out of queue. However, i receive penalty because of someone fault.

I had a few occassion someone quits and it does not re-queue automatically. Also I cannot pick civil after someone quits the map. Then it classifies me as quitting the map if i re-queue. Many updates for this game creates new bugs , It is not day 1 issue. I had few things auto crashed like that so I cannot play the game for 20 hrs suspension now. In the beginning it is few minutes to 1 hr. now it is 20 HRs due to the system bugs.

Yeah the whole system of timeout is just bs.
If you punish somebody you have to make sure he actually violated rules. And in the end you can never make sure the person actually just disconnected or crashed for different reasons that were not of his control.
I just don’t understand this, it’s the completely wrong way to approach it.

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Yes u are right, even my friends playing this game face exactly same problem. They are banned from playing when some random players simply Alt-F4. OR they simply cannot pick civils , it is locked for unknown reason.