Sweden, a different path

some changes the civ may use to get back into shape and create exciting opportunities for both micro and risky greed plays.

Carolean base stats: melee resistance reduced to 20%, base move speed reduced to 4.00, cost increased to 60 food 60 gold from 60 food 40 gold, melee attack reduced to 16 *1.5 vs heavy infantry, ranged attack reduced to 14 *1.5 vs all cavalry, 1.5 rof. Caroleans no longer have an attack delay, both melee and ranged attacks are now instant and can be animation canceled as soon as they land with any command. melee attack backswing animation is now only .15 seconds, meaning they will automatically follow targets without any command quickly.

Carolean ability now lasts 12 seconds, 72 second cooldown and no longer locks stance. adds 2 flat move speed and increases current melee damage by 50%. Nizam have a similar change.

platoon fire is now age 2 and adds +.5 ranged multiplier vs all cavalry, no longer increases ranged damage by 10%. snap lock is now an age 4 card that adds 4/2 range. svea-lifeguard is age 3 and now only increases hp by 10%, but also affects pikes and halberds as well.

goal is to amplify their proximity based gameplay, rewarding players who correctly manage distances between different targets, and giving a clearer power/skill difference on when and how to use their ability.

Torps: blueberries and ironworks are no longer cards. blueberries is now a 500 gold upgrade at the torp available in age 1. ironworks requires blueberries and age 2 to research, is available for 1k food at the torp, and increases torp mine/tree gather rate by 200%. a third upgrade is added in age 3 for 1.5k wood. it reduces torp cost by 40% to 75 wood, increases torp gather speed by 25%, and increases torp yields/gather range by 50%.

blackberries is now an infinite age 1 card, now spawns regular torp berries at all allied torps. when blueberries is researched, spawns blueberries instead. great northern forest is now an infinite age 1 card that spawns 2 trees instead of 1 at all allied torps. age 1 team 1 torp is now age 2 team 3 torps. dominions now also increases build limit by 4, hp increase is now 50%, and also improves build speed by 3x. infinite 4 copper mines/ infinite team 2 copper mines added in age 4. allotment system now ships 1 Carolean/Pike per living torp, allows torps to quickly train them, and gives torps a ranged attack.

if you invest in torps, there should be a reward. with a high upfront investment, it should put the risk/reward of greed by Swedes in a better place. currently interacting with this part of the civ feels like a drawback rather than a bonus, similar to the Ottoman mosque system. players should feel rewarded if they successfully take the risks involved with them.

leather cannon: damage increased to 60 from 40, range increased to 22 from 21. hp reduced to 120 from 170, ranged resistance increased to 80% (x5 ranged hp) from 50%(x2 ranged hp). now gains 2 range on guard/imperial upgrade.

Cronstedt Reforms: is now an age 3 card and no longer reduce population space of artillery. instead it increases leather cannon hp/damage by 10%, converts their wood cost to gold, and allows them to be trained from barracks.

Light Gun Carriage: an age 4 card, no longer reduces leather cannon train speed or grants guard upgrade. instead increases move speed by .5, damage bonus to buildings by 2, and damage area by 1.

just some quality of life improvements to make them more usable and a viable alternative to falconets throughout the game. hp/damage now reflects stat per pop compared to falconets.

Melee infantry: Dalecarlian Rebellion is now an infinite card, swedes now auto upgrade halberds to RG/Imperial status when they age up. Gustavian Guards now also replaces pike cards with halberds. Push of Pike now increases move speed of pike/halberd by flat 1.00, pike cost increased by 25%, build time unchanged. team heavy infantry hp card reduced to 10% from 15% hp.

melee infantry focus wont be viable with just this, but it should put it in a better place.

Leather cannon seems too powerful in age2, another one who has artillery in Commerce Age is Ottoman, it is recommended to compare…

base range can be reduced by 2 or 4 if it is too dominant, forcing better positioning with their base 3 move speed and increasing chances of them getting caught out.